It is the day before 2018 and I am sat here thinking… where the hell has all the time gone? I remember last New Years as if it was yesterday. I was with all my close friends drinking champagne and getting ready before going to our local night club, how things have changed. Many of my friends this time last year and very distant to me, I have moved to University, I have traveled, laughed and just loved the whole of 2017. I can not describe how incredible the memories I have made are, right from the beginning of January to right here, right now I would not of changed a thing.

I am creating a whole video of 2017 that will be shared with you. Unfortunately I left my computer at University so I can’t finish the video while I am at home.

So now, it is my yearly ritual, I am here to tell you all my New Years resolutions and what I am wanting to achieve.

  1. Priorities – This is the main personality trait that I will be taking into 2018 with me, I am the worst at prioritizing! I would bee sat at home with blogging to catch up on or Uni work to  do, but I would still spend all day sat rinsing through Instagram and Twitter, I don’t know why I do it. I did not think I would find it so difficult going to Uni and keeping up blogging. My work comes first but as I am around people all the time I am constantly socializing, which makes me extremely lazy.
  2. Don’t be so lazy – This links into my prioritizing resolution. I am so lazy! I want too keep myself busy and occupied 24/7, whether that is doing work, blogging, seeing friends or even earning a bit of money. At Uni I have a lot of free time that I have never had before, so getting a job in January will hopefully give me back that motivation I had in the Summer.
  3. Be organised – Every Sunday I am going to start organising my week into a diary. That means, planning my weekly meals, writing in lessons, plan blog posts, what I am doing ect. You get the jist, I just need to keep up with everything I am doing because if I do not have it down on paper I get very stressed.
  4. Get fit – I think this is everybody’s New Years resolution, but I am going to stick to it. I am determined to get my Summer body and shred off Freshers fat. I am doing dry January so hopefully not being hungover everyday will help me get motivated.
  5. Stay happy – This year has been the best year because I have been at my happiest and I want this to continue though to 2018.

Here is to another amazing year. I hope you all have the best New Years with the people you love.



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