How to “bounce back” this January

It is the beginning of January and every body wants to start a fresh. It’s time to get fit, healthy and cleanse all the toxins from over Christmas out of your body. This post is going to be 5 quick and easy tips to make yourself feel slightly more lively at the beginning of this long month. These are going to be based more around how you feel on your inside, rather than to do with being fit and healthy. Drinking lots of alcohol and eating your body weight in cheese can make your skin break out, so here are a few tips to help you get back on track and feeling your best self.


This is one of the main points to get back on track, drink lots of water! I try and drink 3 pints a day because we are having to rehydrate our bodies from Christmas. This is an important start to your cleanse as it will naturally flush your system.


As your are going out a lot over Christmas it is important to give your skin a break. Wearing no make up and cleaning your skin thoroughly for just a couple of days will make a big difference. If you are like me, alcohol makes my skin break out so at the moment I have quite a few spots that I never normally get. So throughout this week I have been doing my winter skin routine (which you can read here - ) and already I am feeling a lot more hydrated. Exfoliating is important as your pours need a good clean. Even just cleaning your face with water every morning will make you


Try and avoid plastering layers of make up on your skin for a couple of days. Like I have said, your skin needs a break and this is the best way to let it breathe.


Since 2018 has begun I have been trying to concentrate on eating healthier as I have been feeling extremely bloated since starting University and the Christmas period. When I eat badly I feel very down in myself so one of my resolutions is to lose weight. Eating clean will not only make you feel better, you will also look better as you will have a lot more energy. So I have been having a smoothie every morning and eating home-made vegetable soup to flush everything out of my body.


Now that the fun and excitement of Christmas is over and done with it is time to get back to the real world. Spend a couple of days concentrating on yourself, whether that is catching up with work, getting back into your routine or just relaxing. This is your time to get organized.

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