How to have a good night sleep at University…

Sleeping at University is one of the hardest things in the world. You are lying in an uncomfortable bed, within a tiny room and loads of students are playing music or making loads of noise right outside your window. So I have found an amazing, natural solution of how I easily fall to sleep at night.

Right at the beginning of University my mum took me to Holland and Barrett to find myself a remedy to get myself to sleep at night. I already had a problem with sleeping when I am in my own bed, let alone sleeping at University.

Miaroma – Lavender & Coconut Oil Hydrating Spritz

We came across this oil in which you spray on your face and body to calm your mind. It helps relax your body to easily sleep at night. I personally try not to use it every single night as I do not want to rely on anything to be able to sleep, although this is 100% natural. But using it when you are really struggling is not a problem. Although this spray is mainly used for falling asleep, it can be used when you are stressed or at anytime you are needing to relax.

This natural, relaxing and hydrating spritz can be applied all over your face and body, to calm your mind. This innovative formula contains liquid coconut oil, to quench dehydrated skin with a light sheen of nourishment and hydration. 

Although this is the main product that helps myself sleep, there are many other natural way.

  1. The first one being, make sure you lock your door. Being in Uni halls can be quite daunting, especially when your flat mates are coming back late at night drunk, with people they don’t even know. Locking your door will give your brain the security it needs to help you fall as well.
  2. Create a comfortable environment for yourself. By having a couple of cuddly toys and pillows will easily do the trick as you will feel at home.
  3. Try and cut out on late night snacking. Eating late at night means that the food will stick in your digestive system and keep you wide awake.
  4. Try and create your own night time routine. At University this will not be the same every night, but having a routine will let your body know it is time to sleep.
  5. Avoid napping in the day. I do not usually nap, at Uni I have tried to only get into bed when it is time to sleep but I know from other people that napping is the main cause of not being able to sleep at night. It will ruin your sleeping pattern.

Sleeping at University was my biggest struggle at the beginning, I hope these tips will help you all, whether you are at University or not.

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