how to spend valentines day single/away from your boyfriend

These are photos from the weekend where my boyfriend Solly and I celebrated Valentines Day early. He arrived on the Saturday early afternoon, but it was such horrible weather neither of us wanted to leave the flat. So we waited until the evening where we went for dinner at Chiquitos in the Bournemouth town centre. I have never been there before but I would definitely recommend it. We decided to try something different as we spend most of our time in places such as Frankie & Bennies. Solly got a fajita and I got a beef burger, they were both amazing and the service was great. The next day we had a lye in then decided to walk down to the beach where we got a light lunch and spent all of Solly money in the arcade. The weather was a lot nicer on Sunday but was still blowing up a storm, hopefully the weather will improve throughout the week. The sun is getting me excited for the Summer.

Obviously I am not single, I have had a boyfriend for nearly 4 years. But as I am spending this Valentines Day apart from my boyfriend I thought I would share with all you singletons what my friends and I got up to on Valentines Day and give you ideas so you do not feel lonely.

Yes, Valentines Day is a day of love but is there a real reason why you should feel so lonely on this one day out of the year? Instead of being upset about being single, it is a time to share you love to everyone else you have around you. I spent my Valentines Day having a few cocktails at Turtle Bay with my closest friends at University. There are other ways to be spending your time rather than pining over having a boyfriend/girlfriend, it can be a day to celebrate your independence.

How did you all spend Valentines Day?


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