WINTER 2017 video| Emily May Thorne


As you all must of seen by now, I love making videos. I made my first youtube video when I was in Year 10 and visited my Dad in Saudi Arabia. Looking back on it now, the editing is all off, the videos are bad quality but I still love it. The feedback I got from that video was amazing and motivated me to carry on making them. Many of my videos I have not actually put on YouTube and when I started making them, I made them for my own enjoyment and a memory rather than to actually be noticed. A lot of people think that being a Youtube means that you want to become known but I make them because they make not only me happy, but everyone in the videos happy. It is such an amazing thing for my family, friends and I to look back on, which I will carry on doing for a very long time.

This is a video I have made to basically show all of my Christmas holidays. Because I had been at Uni coming home for Christmas was amazing, all my friends were back, my dad was home and nobody had work so our main priority was all catching up. I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you thing!

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