On Saturday a huge group of us got a coach (I booked a mini bus but a coach turned up) to Shock Out, which is a big event that got put on at the Bath and West show ground. All I can describe it as was a mini festival, apart from the fact by the time it got to mid-night it was -4 degrees. We arrived to the event at about 9 and got picked up at 4:30AM when it begun to die down. The acts included J Hus, Darkzy, Shy FX, King of the Rollers, My Nu Leng, High Contrast and so many more. There were 4 different stages, all being the same size but I only stayed at one which was called The Blaze. I am a bit annoyed I did not search the grounds a bit more, but I was so happy in the exact same spot for 8/9 hours with everyone.

Dress – MissGuided

Shock out is a big organisation and this is the first year it has been put on. It is at the exact same place as WestFest which is a Halloween rave which takes place every year. I would definitely recommend this event as it reminds you of the festival season which is only in a few months.

I hope you enjoy this short post, I am sorry it is so full of photographs.

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