2 days is not enough

For the first time in a long time, I spent the whole weekend at Uni. For some reason, by the time it gets to the weekends normally I am ready for my own bed because the weekends become very expensive here. I am a bit wet when it comes to being here all on my own, but I have had a crazy weekend.

Friday 9th March

On Friday I had a really important test for one of my modules and to celebrate how bad I think I did I went out with my girls for the night, to an event called Lollipop. I wore a Forever 21 dress which I bought in America two years ago. I haven’t worn it in a while so I though it was about time to get it back out again. Its a deep, forest green which is one of my all time favourite colours. I think it brings out my features and highlights my bright blonde hair. Green also brings out the colour pink so I could wear my Suede Pink Nike Air Force 1 that Solly bought me for Christmas. The dress is figure hugging, with a slightly flared bottom half which buttons up to my neck as if it is a shirt. I love to wear a black lace bralette underneath as it will slightly pop out and make the dress look slightly more fancy.

Saturday 10th March

On Saturday i ended up waking up extremely late/early afternoon, so I went straight over to my friends where we chilled and got excited about going to the Bournemouth O2 Academy to watch My Nu Lent, Hazard, Dj Zinc and a few more. It was a hilarious night. I ended up wearing one of my friends dresses which again, was from Forever 21. It was a fish net dress where I wore a white bralette underneath and a dark mini skirt. I have never wore something like this before so was nice to dress up in something different.

Sunday 11th March

On Sunday I grabbed a coffee with a couple of my friends and spent the rest of the evening chilling with the girls I am living with next year (- Katie.) We made some nachos and pizza before I went home and tried to get an early night!

Although I spent a lot of money, this weekend has made me realise how settled I am into University. You will never experience anything like it, so all you students, make the most of it!

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