happy friday!

It is officially the beginning of my birthday weekend. On Sunday I turn 20, how crazy! Time is flying by but I am extremely excited. Tonight I am going out to a club called Halo with my friends at University. Then on Saturday morning I am driving home and meeting my Dad for a quick lunch. Dad can’t be home for my actual birthday so we are celebrating it together on the Saturday. Saturday evening I am spending the evening with my friends from home, maybe just go to Whether-spoons then a nightclub, don’t want to be too hanging on my birthday. On the Sunday, I will probably spend the whole day with my boyfriend before Mum cooks us all a birthday roast in the evening. I can not wait!

Last night my best friend Katie, took me for an early birthday Wagamas and she can’t be here this evening as she is going away with her boyfriend. After, we went for 2 for 1 cocktails at Turtle Bay with Maddi and Ellie. These are the girls I am living with next year! We got all dressed up and she really treated me. It has been a lush start to a fun few days. Ill check in with you all on Monday! I am going to take this weekend to really relax and spend time with my closest friends and family!

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