May Bank Holiday | Zizzis, Go Ape & Bournemouth Beach


For bank holiday weekend my boyfriend Solly came to visit me in Bournemouth for 2 nights. He arrived late afternoon on Saturday after I had spent all day at the beach with my friends. That evening we went for a late dinner at Zizzis which is in Bournemouth town. We had the King Prawns for a starter and both got the Spaghetti Carbonara as our main. It is probably one of the best Carbonaras I have ever had, and I get a lot of Carbonaras! At 10:30PM we headed over to the cinema to watch the new Avengers film, I really recommend going to watch. The ending will make you extremely sad!


We spent Sunday at Go Ape with Solly family to celebrate his younger sisters 18th birthday. I have never done a Go Ape before but they are a lot of fun (and hard work.) The scariest thing is the fact there is not an instructor going around with you, you have to keep everyone safe yourself. So being with Solly wasn’t the best as he wound shake the ladder every time I went up. Afterward we went for an early dinner and a small pub that I had noticed on my drive home from Bournemouth. It was very cute especially as we were able to sit outside. For Rahannas birthday I just picked her up a little bath bomb from Lush which ended up melting in the car!

Sunday evening, Sol and I spent it at Turtle Bay drinking lots of cocktails.


Monday was the hottest day of this heatwave so we spent the whole day at the beach. First we went for lunch at Aruba. We were hoping to get breakfast but got there a bit too late. I wasn’t too hungry so I just got mushrooms on toast with sweet potato fries, where as Solly got a massive burger.

I hope you all had a great 3 day weekend, apparently this has been the hottest bank holiday weekend in 40 years!

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