top university tips; these could be life changing decisions

Hello everybody! I thought today I would post a little top tips post on my blog for you freshers starting University this September. These small decisions could be life changing and I want to share some of my own experiences with you readers as there are a couple things I would of done differently. I hope my advice can help even just one of you!


Obviously this is the main one. Your course will determine your whole University experience as it is where you will spend most of your time. I was lucky enough to of picked the right course for me but I have close friends who didn’t. A couple people I know are starting over this year on a new course and a tip from me would be to try and figure it out early on. University is not cheap and you don’t want to spend a whole year studying something you are not interested in.


I unfortunately chose my Uni accommodation after being told that mine was the party one. I chose to stay in this one over the nicest accommodation! After moving in I instantly regretted this decision as it is the people you with live that make the party not the building, so it is best to chose where you will be the most comfortable and I didn’t. Chose whatever accommodation you like the look of the most, not about other people previous experiences because your year may be completely different.


First year is there to settle in, make friends and make lots of memories. The grades don’t count you will only need to pass, it is just a way to ease you into the system. Do not worry about working and don’t focus so much on your degree, focus on the experience. Work hard and prove your place but don’t over do it! You will have the best year!!

When I look back on my first year at University there is not much I would change. I definitely would of just be slightly more pro active and spent more time with different people. I hope this blog post will help any of you first years, have fun!

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