live in the moment | p.t 2


The next part of my ‘live in the moment’ sequence. Over the past 3 weeks I have been extremely busy. I had a lot of University work to complete before going to Dubai which became extremely stressful. On the weekend before I broke up for Easter, Sol came to visit me in Bournemouth and went to crazy golf near Christchurch. We love to play mini golf but we got a bit bored because it was so busy but then we ate some of their amazing food, sat outside in the sun!!

Today I am going shopping in Bristol with my Mum and Brother because I need to get some more jeans and little bits and bobs. I am obsessed with clothes at the moment, I can’t stop shopping!! I then have work this evening and tomorrow evening before having Friday off. I am concentrating on getting A LOT of University work done this Easter so that when I go back it is just going over my revision rather than learning new stuff. Busy busy busy!!

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