A weird and wonderful 4 days: 10th – 13th August

Last week I attended Boomtown festival for the very first time with my best friend Kelsey. There has always been a lot of hype about this festival where we are from, so we thought it was about time we tried it out. The tickets were around £200 so the same price as Glastonbury but it was 100% worth the money. We set off Thursday morning at 5:00AM and drove to Hampshire. I drove with Kelsey, my friend Adam and Maddie – who left the festival on the Saturday as she was not enjoying it. We got in the queue at 8:00AM and sat on our camping chairs in the mud until they finally opened the gate at 1:00PM. Boomtown don’t normally open their gates until 12:00AM but we had to wait another hour because they were waiting for their sniff dogs. Once we were finally through that first stage we had to join another queue, where we handed in our tickets and got a wrist band. They did not start letting people through to that section until 2:30PM. After that we had to queue again, just for them to scan the barcodes on our wrist bands. By this point it was just getting ridiculous. The scanner had broke because the wifi was not working and there was no service where we were. After a while of waiting in that queue they decided to just let us in. This is when I realised the organisation at this festival was rubbish.

Kels, Maddie and I camped at Mayfair with a couple of other friends from home, but the whole festival Kelsey and I just spent together making our own fun. I can definitely say we explored the whole festival as most of the day time we spent in different sections. My favourite stage was the Lions Den because it was really relaxed and nice when to watch acts while the sun was going down. If I have to explain this festival as anything, it would be that it is full on. You do not have time to rest.

I will definitely be going back next year!

A 3 day getaway | Woolacombe Bay Hotel

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A detox in Woolacombe

On Friday 4th August I officially left my job as I have such a busy month. So to celebrate I spent that weekend with all my friends and to top it off I had a free house. My parents and brother had gone to Woolacombe early so the only people home was Alice and I. It was really nice to spend all my time with my boyfriend before being away from him for a week.

Whenever my family and I used to stay in Woolacombe we always stay in an apartment rather than in the hotel. It means that you get a lot more freedom yet you can also use all of the facilities. Spending 3 days away from home in the sun was really relaxing and good for my body as I was off to Boomtown just a day later. I did not drink alcohol, I ate well and drank a ridiculous amount of water so all the toxins were flushed out of my body.

Doyle’s Restaurant | Woolacombe Bay Hotel

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7th August – My mums birthday

On Monday 7th August, my sister Alice and I drove down to Woolacombe to meet the rest of our family at the Woolacombe Bay Hotel apartments. Normally the drive from where I live to Woolacombe takes 1 hour and a half but we got caught in such bad traffic, which meant we had to go down thousands of the Exmoor back roads taking us 4 and a half hours. We left and 10:00AM and did not arrive until 2:00PM. We wanted to die of starvation.

After we arrived, we used the inside pool and went to the beach before going to the Woolacombe Bay Hotel restaurant to celebrate my mums birthday. The restaurant is extremely posh, looking over the greenery outside of the hotel. Thankfully it was a lovely evening, meaning we could watch the sun set.

For my starter I had salmon tagliatelle which was amazing, the only down side was that it was very big so I was full for my main meal. For my main I had chicken in a white wine sauce which was really nice, the presentation was very pretty and it was a good size.

After we had eaten our meals, we walked around the village and got an ice cream before heading back to our apartment.

Average Saturday Night | I’m the paparazzi 

Saturday 22nd July

It seems like now that every single time I go out, I turn into the paparazzi. I am always taking pictures and videos of everyone. On Saturday night we all went to Palace and I came home with a full me dory of random videos of every person in the night club. Each video being around 10 minutes long. Although it showed that I did have a very good night.

Black Stocking Body Bar | Lush Cosmetics

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For a golden glow…

This is a product that actually my sister bought from the Lush Cosmetics store in Cribbs Causeway. One of the companies employees used their customer service and won Alice over. This is a small, bronze body tint bar that gives you a slight glow. It is an extremely moisturising bar that you rib all over your body after you wash your body. The best time to use it is when you are going on a night out or any sort of day event to make to make your skin glow. I liked to use it on my legs due to them not being so brown at the moment because of the miserable English weather. This will give your body a sort of highlight and will stand out well in the lights.

The part about this product that sold it to my sister, is the fact that you can use this body bar as a face highlighter. Personally I have never been one to spend lots of money on an expensive highlighter because although it does look lovely on some girls, a massive amount of highlighter on my face look silly. This is the same for Alice. I think it is mainly because we have very fare skin, whenever we go out it never looks as if we are wearing much make up when we are. But, when I used this product on my face before I went out with my girlfriends last night, I fell in love.

Normally with a highlighter you use it just above your contour line, but with this product I placed it on top of my contour in a thick line. It gave my face a slight shimmer and sparkle which brought out my face a lot more and defined my cheek bones.

This product cost £7.95 for 30Gs. If you are interested, click on the first photograph of the body bar on this blog post and it will take you to the Lush Cosmetic site.

I got into Bournemouth University!!

Year 1 of Collge:

Year 2 of College:

Year 3 of College:

Through college I did a Broadcast Media course, this is why I was there for 3 years As in the first year of college I did A – Level. I studied Sociology, Media Studies, Photography and Business studies. Overall I got C, D, D, D which is not bad but I didn’t want to spend another year doing something I wasn’t sure on to have to go back right to the beginning of college and start again. Ever since I was younger I have always been interested in working with social media so doing a Broadcast Media course was the best option. Though my 2nd year of college and my 1st year of this course I was going through quite a hard time, especially being a vulnerable teenage, so I spent every night out till early hours of the morning and skiving college to spend a day in Bristol with my friends. Because of this I did not do very well the first year as my concentration was in a completely different place. This means that I only just passed the year with Pass, Pass, Pass.

In my last year of college I really realised that I had to buck up my ideas. I was in a much better head space, all the toxic people had left my life and it was definitly time for me to put all the work into what I wanted for my future. Although it was long hours and hard work, I officially finished my course with Distinction, Merit, Merit. When I got emailed this result a couple of weeks ago I was over the moon. Due to how badly I did the year before I had to get Distinctions on every assignment to get the grades I needed to get into the Media and Communications course at Bournemouth Uni. And I got it!

I am very glad that I changed over to do a course at college. If I carried on doing A -Levels I would of been going to University last year and I believe that I was not in the right place, mature or motivated enough to be living all on my own. I definitly regret not putting in the work and if there’s is any advice I can give its that it just is not worth it. It’s not worth ruining your future just for a couple of nights out and doing town laps around your village.

This year I have matured a lot. I have learnt how to look after myself, control my anger and to not worry about petty people who do not have any relevance to your life. I know believe that I have found the people who have my best interests and heart, my boyfriend and I are the best we have ever been, so it is definitly time for me to take the next step towards the future. Change is extremely scary for me, but it will be worth it.

I will be doing a whole series of my whole University experience from what your Uni essentials to the freshens madness. I hope students can relate and let me know if there is anything that you want me to write about.

I am excited.


So it is officially the 1st August, the last month of the Summer. This month is a busy one for me I do not have time to rest and I am extremely excited. July has been a very quite month so I am ready for the mayhem. On Friday 4th August I officially do not have a job. I currently work at my local pub/restaurant and because I am so busy I am having to leave. It is also good timing as I  gives me time to spend with my family and friends before I am off to University.

I wasn’t this month to be a time to concentrate on the things that actually matter. I have started to realise that you should not have to beg to be somebodies friend and not everybody has your best interest at heart. It is time to get rid of all the toxic people and to be happy. I want to spend all my free time with people that I love, catching up with old friends and working on my healthy living. I will be spending a lot more time blogging when I leave my job as I am doing a lot.

I want to make this month about supporting the people around you, no good comes from putting anybody down. “The world is filled with nice people, if you can’t find one be one.”