feeling festive yet?

Exactly 1 week until Christmas and I am feeling pretty festive. I am so happy to be home, sat in the living room by a Christmas tree and a warm fire, I am not used to this luxury at University. Home is where the heart is and I feel very content, so I want to share with you all some ways to get into the Christmas spirit.

The week before Christmas

Soap & Glory Christmas Calendar | Review

getting festive with friends & family 


You will never be too old for an advent calendar. Im turning 21 in 2019 and I have 2. I have a ‘The Book of Beauty’ which I will do a review on in the New year and a cadburys chocolate one!


You won’t ever feel festive until you have listened to ‘Fairytale of New York’ and watch ‘Elf.’


The only Christmas market I have been to this year is Bournemouth market, but there is nothing more festive than sitting in a grotto with some mulled wine. I definitely want to do this again before Christmas Day.


There is nothing more festive than a glass of baileys at the end of every day. There is no alcoholic bev I love the most!


My home is more than decorated. I got home from University to the house being covered in fairy lights, ball balls and two Christmas trees!

Christmas Day is 1 week today, the countdown begins. Christmas Day also means the Victoria Secret Fashion show 2018!!


Mabel @ O2 Bournemouth


Last night I went to the O2 Academy in Bournemouth to watch Mabel. I went with my course friend Tia and Mabel was amazing. I have seen Mabel once before at Love Saves the Day but last she was a lot better than I remembered, although Tia and I were the oldest ones there.

I have decided to go home for Christmas tomorrow as the boiler n our house is broke, so we have no heating or hot water. I am spending tonight at my Auntie and Uncles because the house is freezing at night! – and I get a nice, home cooked meal!! My mum got home from Saudi Arabia on Sunday so I am so excited to see her tomorrow evening!

My top is from PrettyLittleThing and the belt is from Urban Outfitters (it is my friend KTs.)

I can’t wait to go home for Christmas!!

christmas at orange road


On Sunday, the house made a roast dinner as a way to end the weekend and to celebrate semester one. How quickly has the time gone? Today Ellie went home for Christmas, Mads is travelling home and Katie and I are going home on Friday, leaving our cute, little house behind for nearly a month. This week I am keeping myself very busy – tomorrow I am going to watch Mabel, spending wednesday at a Christmas market and thursday I have my last lectures of the year, then Katie and I are going for food!! This weekend I am off to Birmingham to visit my sister, then drive her home for Christmas!

Who is excited for Christmas? I honestly cannot wait to get home to my friends and family. In just over 2 weeks I am off to Rome.

leopard print & smiles

2018-11-20 20:57:14.0722018-11-20 20:57:15.167


A couple of pictures of Els & I all dressed up before a night out. 

How is everybody’s week going? I went to the pub last night with a couple of my house mates friends from last year, I hadn’t had a pub night in ages. This week has been very productive so far, I am feeling extremely motivated with University and my fitness but the one thing I am struggling with is finding content for my blog to get me into the Christmas spirit. I seem to of lost my urge to take pictures of everything like I did last yea so I have not uploaded anything slightly Christmassy. I love Christmas so much that I find it hard to spread the love and happiness through my blog but that is something I really want to do.

Tonight I am going to a bloggers and vloggers meeting at University and then dinner at my auntie and uncles – I haven’t seen them in ages. Also how horrible is this weather? Makes me want to shut myself inside all day.

a sunday brunch

Conto Lounge

Yesterday morning, Sols woke me up bright and early on a Sunday to go and get a nice breakfast, which if you know me well enough… ended up being brunch. Instead of getting a traditional full english, I treated myself to an Avocado Brunch – this included ciabatta bread, avocado, tomato, chilli and bacon (if you want.)

After this we went straight into Bournemouth town to do a bit of shopping and spend time in the Christmas market. To end the perfect Sunday, we had biscuits, tea and watch Sherlock homes. What a lovely weekend! – Now time to be extremely productive before I break up for Christmas on the 14th.

december the first


Christmas is the happiest time of the year and it is now acceptable to start celebrating! This weekend Solly came to visit, so on the Saturday we went for a dinner at Zizzis and lots of cocktails at Slug & Lettuce.

Today is the first of all our Christmas calendars and this year I am using ‘The Book of Beauty!’ My mum bought it for me as a pre – Christmas present – I will let you know all the amazing products I get after Christmas.

Happy December the 1st!

a rainy day

Esquires Coffee Bournemouth

Over the past 2 days the weather has been dreadful, there has been rain non-stop and extremely cold. It gets dark very early so it feels as if the day is a lot shorter than it is but today Els, Katie and I went into Bournemouth town to go shopping and instead just went for a coffee. Katie introduced us to the cute, little cafe at the top of the town which has just recently opened. Places like this is what Bournemouth is missing!!

How is everyone enjoying November? A very miserable month. It reminds me of January!! – A no mans land month.