stary eyed event!

This amazing bag is my friend Dees from NastyGal


On Saturday I spent the afternoon at a Bournemouth Bloggers event with Stary Eyed. It is a new upcoming brand run by two lovely ladies called Gemma and Claire. They have been best friends for 25 years and decided to create a company with various products lifestyle and homeware based.

This SS19 collection showcase took place at a beautiful hotel in Southampton called HarBAR on 6th. It overlooked the harbour and a lot of Southampton which made the event that much more enjoyable.

The product they sell are extremely beautiful and you know they have been created with a lot of care. They gave us a set of stunning earring which resemble a star and space ship, in black. I have never owned plain black earring before so I am excited to wear them. We also got given their brands statement t-shirt which is two red stars covering the boobs, haha! Yasmine, Tia and I are going to take photographs in them.

Another amazing event organised by Bournemouth Bloggers.

BodyShop Summer Favourites


As you all have probably noticed, I get extremely dry skin, so a body exfoliator is an essential and there are 2 I am loving at the moment. The smell of coconut is my favourite Summer scent and Bodyshop create it perfectly. These 2 products are amazing to use together! Exfoliate while you are in the shower or bath and then apply the body moisturiser after, it leaves your skin feeling amazing for a good few days.


Coconut Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub –  The 50ml pot is only £6!! How amazing, you can have smooth skin on a budget.

Coconut Nourishing Body ButterAgain, you can buy a 50ml pot for £6 and it lasts long enough. The pot in the photo is 200ml but you can also buy a 400ml pot if you really like the product.

This photo is edited on an app called R4VE which I found. You can apply funky backgrounds and make photo collages of your photos.

A new month, a new spa

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The Mount Somerset Hotel & Spa – Taunton

It seems to be that on the 1st of every month I go to a spa. Well this has happened twice, May 1st Bath Spa and on June 1st Alice, my mum and I went to The Mount Somerset Spa in Taunton. This spa is a lot different to Bath Spa as it is smaller and quieter. There was not anybody else there so we had the whole jacuzzi, steam room and sauna to ourselves. The showers were the coolest part as you can choose between storms in different countries and it portrays them by flashing different coloured lights and the pressure of water coming out. It was also a very sunny day on Thursday, so mum and I sunbathed for an hour and ended up getting quite sun burnt on my face before going in for my treatment.

In my treatment I had a back, neck and arm massage which was amazing as she got rid of all my notch and made me feel extremely refreshed. I also had a facial where she showed me what products I should be using and what I shouldn’t be using. She told me my skin was very sensitive and that I had a couple of dry patches above and below my eyes. At the end of the session she gave me a copy of the names of all the products they use at this spa and ticked the ones she used on me. 24 hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser was the key product as she thinks it will really help my skin if I start using an eye dehydrator from a young age. Apparently using a normal moisturiser on your eyes is not good for re – hydrating as the thickness of the cream clogs up your pours.

Although I had an amazing day at the spa I had to rush back for work and ended up being an hour late. The restaurant was extremely busy and when my colleague and I didn’t think it could get any worse, we had a power cut. By 9:00PM half the restaurant was un – able to be fed so got free drinks all night. Finally at 10:30PM the power came on so we could carefully shut down the restaurant. At the time of this we were all extremely stressed but when they came on even the customers found it hilarious.

My Skin On The Slopes

Sanctuary Spa

In December, as well as having a Cadburys calendar, I had a Sanctuary Spa Beauty calendar. The products I got given each day are perfect travel size so I thought they would be good for whilst I was skiing.

Whilst skiing, as well as getting a healthy glow due to the sunshine, my skin became very sore and dry. The worst places were underneath my eyes and my hands. Every evening I used Radiance Exfoliator underneath  my eyes, under my lips and on each sides of my nose. This isn’t like normal exfoliator it is a lot softer and soothes the skin afterwards, filling in the cracks. I then also applied the Wonder Body face cream on top. This cream is a dark brown colour, as if it is some sort of foundation. This face cream is amazing as it hydrates my face and gives it a glow. It made me skin feel so much better as well due to the fact that I hadn’t worn make up all week.

Also, I carried the Velvety hand cream with me up the mountains as my fingers and nails became very sore, not just from the cold but from the gloves rubbing. The cream is not runny, it is very thick which makes it feel like it is doing the right job instead of giving me sticky hands. The Intensive heel balm is also a very thick. The Luxurious body butter was mainly used on my legs, but I also use it for every other place on my body, excluding my face. – Here is a link to the companies website. They do many other products not just the ones I got in the Christmas calendar. I definitely recommend this brand as after I used it skiing, I felt the effects and had good results.

September: BlinkBox

I was not as impressed with this months BirchBox. It only included four items, them being, dry hair shampoo, eyebrow pencil, hydration moisturiser and a mini pot of shampoo.

I love the eyebrow pencil because, as you may of already noticed, I have very light blonde brows, meaning my forehead looks very big. This pencil is a very light brown so it is perfect for me. It is not heavy on the brow at all, it is very light so when I apply it you can barely tell.

The dry hair shampoo I have used a lot due to me being very lazy and having to much hair to wash every night. Again, it has a very light feeling when you spray it onto your hair. Some dry hair shampoo turns your hair grey so i definitely recommend this shampoo in the BirchBox.

I don’t have much of an opinion on the other two products in the box. Sorry if this review is not very helpful.

October: Birchbox

These beauty Blinkboxs I have seen advised everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even many of the people I know have subscribed. So I thought, as I am trying to widen the range of topics I talk about on my blog, I may as well give it a go. I got sent it at the beginning of October so have been using all the products throughout the month. A couple of these products have been really good due to me just coming back from Saudi Arabia, where I was visiting my dad.

My 100% favourite product in this months box will have to be the Hamman body scrub from the brand Rituals. First of all I love the packagings fonts and colour as I feel like it looks like it is from Morrocco or a type of arty country. This product I used a lot when I got back from Saudi as I want to maintain my tan as much as possible. It is a body scrub to get rid of the dead skin on your body. I mainly used it on my face, kneck, shoulders and the bottom of my legs and I defiantly recommend it as my skin now feels amazing. On the Rituals website it cost £14 which contains 150 ml which is ore than double the size of the sample you would get given in the Birchbox.

My second favourite would have to be the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works, which I defiantly need as I find it impossible to get to sleep at night, even when I am exhausted. In the Birchbox I only got given a sample of 5 ml but I will defiantly be buying more. It is a natural way to get to sleep when you are unable to, it isn’t harmful and has a lavender scent, which is also good for you when you have a blocked nose or sore throat.

My last favourite is the LoC Millie Ultra – Gloss lip pencil in Bohemian rose. I really like it as I have been look for the perfect light pink lip colour for ages and now I’ve finally got one. It’s not too heavy on your lips yet it isn’t gloss like.

I will defiantly be applying to get the November box as I think it’s a really good way of expanding what beauty products you have already got and showing you that there are other options.