So it is officially the 1st August, the last month of the Summer. This month is a busy one for me I do not have time to rest and I am extremely excited. July has been a very quite month so I am ready for the mayhem. On Friday 4th August I officially do not have a job. I currently work at my local pub/restaurant and because I am so busy I am having to leave. It is also good timing as I  gives me time to spend with my family and friends before I am off to University.

I wasn’t this month to be a time to concentrate on the things that actually matter. I have started to realise that you should not have to beg to be somebodies friend and not everybody has your best interest at heart. It is time to get rid of all the toxic people and to be happy. I want to spend all my free time with people that I love, catching up with old friends and working on my healthy living. I will be spending a lot more time blogging when I leave my job as I am doing a lot.

I want to make this month about supporting the people around you, no good comes from putting anybody down. “The world is filled with nice people, if you can’t find one be one.”

Bath Shopping & Jamie Olivers Diner | Day out in Bath

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Wednesday 26th July 2017

At the moment, my mum has two students staying for two weeks from Spain and France as she is teaching them English. They are both 16 so while I have not been at work I join them on their days out. Valentine from France has been studying Jamie Oliver at school so mum thought it would be a good idea to take her there as there is not any of these restaurants in France. I have only been to the Jamie Oliver’s Diner in Convent Garden, which I will be going back to in August so it was nice to try out the one in Bath. The restaurant is very hidden as it is down a thin alleyway, but after getting very lost we finally found it. To eat I go Jamie’s Big Five Salad but got the small version of it with a side of sweet potato fries. This was so that I could fit in the vanilla, strawberry shortcake.

The service in this restaurant was really good, everybody was extremely polite and the food was perfect. It was all delicious and I have nothing bad to say about any of it.

After we had lunch we did a little bit of shopping. I did not buy much just a little bit of jewellery and a new top for this weekend. It was from Urban Outfitters and I will share it with you on Sunday.

The Perfect Day Off

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Thursday 19th July

Today is my only day off all week. I have absolutely no plans so the day is all about me. I woke up at 10:00AM, got out of bed and made myself a banana protein smoothie. Then my brother Jack and I went to the gym. I got home at 1:00PM and made myself a salad. It felt so nice eating well after the past 4 days of complete binging. I then sat at my computer and caught up on my blogging!

I then decided to walk Maisy, my dog, to the local shop to buy a cappuccino and a magazine because it was then time for face masks. In the evening I cleaned my car and went back to the gym. I thought this was a perfect day off as it was a day spent repenting and now I feel a lot better for it.

What you need for a day off:

  • A good magazine/book –  I chose a Health magazine as I have recently enjoyed reading about different meals and exercising as don’t know to much about it. I also want to be more knowledged on what is good and what is bad for me.
  • Healthy meals – I have tried to seriously detox, by eating just salads and a piece of salmon for my dinner.
  • A good television show – I have been re – watching TOWIE and Gossip Girl recently as I have not been able to find a new show. If you have an suggestions please comment below.
  • A long bath – I actually made myself a detox bath which I will talk about in a different post.
  • Run small errands – Get everything done that you need too. Whether it is sending post or even just washing your car. Get it done on your day off!
  • Pamper yourself! – Today I finally go to use my Garnier – Moisture Bomb face mask. I actually bought this ages ago and never got round to trying it. I left it on for 15 minutes and when I removed it I rubbed the remains of the product in the packet into my face. It left an oily feeling on my face and when I dried up made my voice feel spotless. I then used these 7th Heaven – Unclog Pore Strips that I bought from Primark. I placed when across my nose and it removed all the dead skin and my black head. In my Healthy magazine I got this Dr Organic – Lavender Skin Lotion which I placed on my face after using all the products I have already spoke about.

Healthy magazine, Dr Organic – Lavender Skin Lotion, 7th Heaven – Unclog Pore Strips, Lush – Hand and Body Lotion, Garnier – Cleansing Water, Garner – Moisture Bomb.

Finally finished college!

3 years

img_8243It is official. I have finally finished all of my coursework and completed college. As I have said, I did A – Levels the first year, did not do too well, then started a Broadcast Media course in my second year. I am glad I did this as I am very content with my life now to


move away to University in September. Where as last year, I was a bit of a mess and think it would of been the worst idea to of moved.

I have grown up a lot in a year and think that now it is definitely time for me to get away from here. I have now got the whole of the Summer to do whatever I want, with no stress and I am excited. I will be keeping you all updated on what I am doing and will be spending way more time on my blog. I have a lot of ideas so press the follow button so that you don’t miss a post!

These are a couple of photos that were put on snapchat the day I finished college. This weekend is amazing weather, so I will be taking a lot of pictures to share.




My Blondies


I do not really have much to say in this post as all I wanted to do was share such a cute picture of two of my closest friends. This was taken in The Weather spoons in Street, which is where I live. Jess (the girl on the left) goes the Aberyzwyth University so I do not see her as much as I would like, but she will be home just before Glastonbury Festival 2017. Immy (the girl on the left) lives in Street but I again do not see her as much as I would like just because we both have such different schedules.

If you follow me on instagram (em_ily_may) you would of already seen that I have uploaded one of these photos. I also have many more posts to share with you so keep posted and follow me via email.

Expect nothing, appreciate everything!


My BFF Kels

So over the past 4 days my close friend Kelsey has been stuck in hospital after being in a horrible car crash. A 4×4 went straight into the side of her, causing her to get cut out of her car and air lifted to hospital, to then discover that she has broken her pelvis in two places. This could not of happened at a worse time for Kels, as many of our exciting events are coming up in less than a week. Nothing will be the same with her not there and the fact she will be missing out on her favourite day of the year – Love Saves the Day – really upsets me! Kels is very lucky to of come away with only a broken bone as the crash was very suveere and really, she is very lucky to even be alive.

Today Kels is coming out of the hospital and returning home which is a very good sign. When the unexpected happens, we have to do is make the best out of a bad situation and all our friends will make sure that she still has an unforgettable Summer. Although she will not be able to come to a couple of events in June, we will make up for the loss of time in August and September.

I wish Kels a very safe and speedy recovery. A lesson to be learnt from this is to not expect anything and to appreciate everything. Something like this puts everything into perspective and makes you see what really matters.