rome is always a good idea



Hello everyone! Its 2 days after my exam and I feel like I have absolutely nothing to do. I am trying to just chill and enjoy my time before starting new modules on Monday, but I feel so guilty doing nothing.

City of Love

Miami to Orlando

A Tapa Tapa Evening in Barcelona

The other day I finally got my Rome photos from my Dads old 31mm camera printed so I wanted to share them all. I thought they would of come out a bit better but I am still learning how to use it. The style of these pictures are cute and old fashioned so I want to use the camera more.

I am seriously missing being in another country exploring, and I am missing my Solly since being back at University. I think it is time to book up some more trips.

casa aventura – a villa for 20



In Malaga instead of staying in a hotel, we booked out a huge villa for 20 people on Home and Away and it had it all. We couldn’t of asked for more. It had a hot tub, bed outside, our own pool with a slide, a balcony with a BBQ, a bar and so much more. The only thing we didn’t have was any clubs or shops near by. Technically we weren’t in Malaga, we were right on the out skirts and to get into the centre cost 30 euros – that is where all our money went!!

Getting a villa was the best idea because we could do whatever we wanted, we could wake up, make breakfast and just chill. Because we were in the middle of nowhere we had no noise complaints which was perfect.

If you ever need to book a holiday, go through Home and Away. It is a great service!!

I am officially back at University in Bournemouth and trying to enjoy freshers. I am so ready just to start lectures now, waking up in the morning with nothing to do gets extremely boring!!


Portugal 2018


I have finally finished my Portugal video!! I tried out some new effects, such as glitches and fast zooms. Instead of making this video out people I was planning on making it slightly more artistic, but unfortunately I made it once amazingly and lost it. So I had to stick with this version. I am still proud of it but upset about how bad the quality is once I have put it on Youtube.

Flower power & Pina coladas

A beautiful day for a beautiful beach

Óbidos Castle: a different day, a different beach

Berlinga Island

If you want to see it in better quality have a look on my Instagram account @emilymaythorne!! I DON NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG: Louis the Child – Slow Down Love.

I hope you enjoy it anyway!

my birthday evening!

I took a lot of photos on my birthday night out on the Huji Camera app, and when I woke up the next day with a run over phone and no way to access the app I was so upset, haha! Recently this Huji camera has become massive across the Instagram community. For ages I have wanted an app on my phone which can turn pictures into disposable photos. The reason I love this app is because it can make any photo look good without having to try.

2018-03-18 02:08:36.613

This ism last post about my 20th birthday. It was a great weekend and it is nice that I am able to share it all with you. I feel like since being at University a lot of my blog post are based around nights out, which I want to change and being at home for 3 weeks gives me the chance to do that.

I hope you like this style of post, it is a way of me sharing lots of photographs but not taking up lots of space.

The beaches of Barcelona

Our 2nd evening in Barcelona

For our second night in Barcelona, we thought that we should adventure down to the beach as we had not seen it yet. By this time it was quite late so the beach was not too busy. I guarantee that in the day it gets packed because the country is so warm. We wondered around the beach before finding a small restaurant to have some dinner.

After we had eaten we went out to a bar for a mojito before going back to the hotel and going to bed.


Deep Meadow – My family home

So ever since Glastonbury my sleeping pattern has not completely gone back to normal. Last week I was waking up fine and getting on with my day, but ever since Solly and I slept in until 1:30PM on Saturday I have found it impossible to go to sleep and wake up. Solly and I slept in so much because Sol had to go straight back to work on the Tuesday after Glastonbury and ended up being extremely tired as he was never able to recover. I know that is not an excuse for me but when you’re asleep cuddling someone else, it is very unlikely that you wake up st different times. I don’t know if that is a thing, but it seems to be for me.

Anyways, due to my extremely bad sleeping pattern it has resulted in my not even sleeping. So I watched the sunrise and took Maisy for a walk around the field. I am now having a long debate with myself as to whether I stay awake, go to the gym, run some errands then come home and have a short nap before work, or to go back to bed, try to go to sleep and hope that I don’t wake up at 4:00PM. I think I am going to stick with plan A. I will let you know how it goes, but I guarantee I will be absolutely hanging by the time it gets to the afternoon. Hopefully this means that I will sleep like a baby tonight. Wish me luck.

A dreamy sunset restaurant


The Globe, Faisaliah Tower restaurant, Saudi Arabia

These photos were taken from nearly 2 years ago in Saudi Arabia, when we went on holiday there to visit my dad. One of the evenings we spent in this restaurant and as you can see it was amazing. It is a huge, posh restaurant that you have to get an elevator up to as you travel through Falisaliah hotel. The restaurant itself is called The Globe. (,dining_viewItem_41-en.html)

We decided to go when the sun was setting which made it a million times more special. Unfortunately I did not get many good quality photos but I am sure my dad will take us all there again soon.

Its a lovely day, even when all the clouds are grey

P5120498 editP5120511 editP5120533 editP5120516 editP5120519 editP5120529 editP5120541 edit

Kilver Court – 12.05.17

Today my friend Immy and I went exploring around Kilve Court, which is in Shepton Mallet. It has not been the sunniest of days but we made the most of it as it was very humid. I have been really good friends with Immy for a very long time, but we rarely get to see each other, so whenever we get the chance we like to something different and arty, rather than just go for a generic drink.

If you have never been to Kilve Court, it is definitely worth the visit if you are nearby. You pay £5 to enter and it is a big, beautiful garden, full of flowers, trees, and a waterfall. There is an easy pathway to walk to walk on, so you are able to see every part of the garden. When you leave the garden there is a group of communal shops such as Jack Wills, L.K Bennet, Penelope Chilvers and more.


Top: New Look

Immys top: Charity Shop

Trousers: Asos

Bralette: Victoria Secret

Trainers: Adidas Superstars

I have had a really lovely, productive day. After venturing around the garden, it definitly makes me want to explore many more pretty views.



A you may of noticed, for my 19th birthday I got a Olympus Pen camera, so my best friend George and I went for a walk up Street Hill while the sun was slowly setting. Here are a couple of pictures we took, making the most of the lighting (excuse my one last nail – I know it looks horrific but I still can not seem to get off 2 of my acrylic nails that I got done in Yeovil for my birthday.)

Point to point

P4090312 editP4090318 editP4090335 edit

Today my family and I went point to pointing in Dorset. I didn’t place many bets as I have hardly any money left and hate when I lose. It was such a lovely day, which has left me with a bright red face and chest.

I wore smart black trousers from ASOS, with a plain grey bodysuit from H&M. It is not a dressy event but a lot of farmers go, which means Ralph Lauren was plastered everywhere with farmer hats and tweed jackets.