my uni room revamp

On the clear desk by my window I keep all my books, diary and other Uni bits and bobs. I keep my Sonic Bomb and I have a mini table where I keep lots of pretty flowers. These are actually all from Lidl.

This Ivy is from Haskins Garden centre which is also where I got the plant pot that it goes in. This stands on top of my Alexa Chung book, where I keep my JBL speaker and a cute little pumpkin from Lidl. The cactuses are from Ikea and my incense is from Glastonbury high street. On the end of this shelf I keep my nice perfume. Underneath is an electric fire place which actually doesn’t work, ahah!

Around the top of this wall opposite my window, I have stuck up all my disposable photographs that go years back. On the left is my full body mirror which is from the Range, my frame is also from the Range. The aloe vera is from Haskins garden centre and I love it! The cute little mirror I got from Asos and next to it I keep my lavender and coconut spray from Holland and Barrett. 

In the corner of my bedroom is my double bed where on the sign I hang a Moroccan style spread which adds to the room completely. All my pillows and the blanket are from the Range.

Since coming back to University after Christmas I have completely redone my bedroom. I wanted to make it a lot more cosier so that I actually want to hang out in there rather than always in the kitchen. After adding lots of little bits I have made it a lot more comfortable and I absolutely love it.

This was after all the help of my lovely mother! 🤩

christmas at orange road


On Sunday, the house made a roast dinner as a way to end the weekend and to celebrate semester one. How quickly has the time gone? Today Ellie went home for Christmas, Mads is travelling home and Katie and I are going home on Friday, leaving our cute, little house behind for nearly a month. This week I am keeping myself very busy – tomorrow I am going to watch Mabel, spending wednesday at a Christmas market and thursday I have my last lectures of the year, then Katie and I are going for food!! This weekend I am off to Birmingham to visit my sister, then drive her home for Christmas!

Who is excited for Christmas? I honestly cannot wait to get home to my friends and family. In just over 2 weeks I am off to Rome.

leopard print & smiles

2018-11-20 20:57:14.0722018-11-20 20:57:15.167


A couple of pictures of Els & I all dressed up before a night out. 

How is everybody’s week going? I went to the pub last night with a couple of my house mates friends from last year, I hadn’t had a pub night in ages. This week has been very productive so far, I am feeling extremely motivated with University and my fitness but the one thing I am struggling with is finding content for my blog to get me into the Christmas spirit. I seem to of lost my urge to take pictures of everything like I did last yea so I have not uploaded anything slightly Christmassy. I love Christmas so much that I find it hard to spread the love and happiness through my blog but that is something I really want to do.

Tonight I am going to a bloggers and vloggers meeting at University and then dinner at my auntie and uncles – I haven’t seen them in ages. Also how horrible is this weather? Makes me want to shut myself inside all day.

nearly time for Christmas

Bournemouth Christmas Market

It is beginning to look like Christmas!! Christmas is probably my favourite time of the year, everybody is jolly with not a care. Although November is a bit of a no mans land, it does just make me so excited for the 1st December.

On Monday night my friends and I went down to the Bournemouth market at got a warm hot chocolate and sat in the grotto. Bournemouth is so beautiful and Christmas so you will be seeing a lot more photos. I can’r wait to visit even more Christmas markets!!


always time for a coffee

Conto Lounge, Winton

On a rainy, autumn day my friend Katie and I went for a nice coffee (she got a hot chocolate) at the Conto Lounge on Winton high street. I think I spend around £20 a week on a nice coffee, the addiction I getting a bit ridiculous.

So the weather has taken a turn for the worst, it is officially winter and my mood is at an all time low. It is the beginning of my reading week and I am spending it at my boyfriends house. The fact I have the whole week off is stressing me out, I have so much I need to do and feel like I won’t get it all done. Solly also has his exam to become a qualified electrician on Friday. I am staying with my boyfriend all week as my Mum has officially moved out to Saudi Arabia to be with my Dad and I am not going to see either of them until Christmas. My house is so cold and empty.

The weather is definitely affecting everybody’s moods, it is dark by 5PM and I just want the Summer back already.

Happy November everybody! Time to get into the Christmas spirit.

pumpkin pickin’


Is it halloween season if you don’t pick your own pumpkin? Today my friends and I went to Sopley farm in Christchurch where you are able to go and pick your own pumpkin. In the Summer it turns into a strawberry farm and in the Winter you are able to cut your own Christmas tree. I never really get into Halloween, I never get that dressed up or decorate my house, I just never understood the point. But this year has been so much fun! Although I’m not actually going out on Halloween, I spent the whole weekend dressed up with my friends.

Maybe next year I will make more of an effort, who knows.


1 SECOND OF THE DAY | first day of University to the last!


From the first day of University to the last – I took a video every single day (nearly everyday) for the whole of my first year at University. I used the 1SD (1 second a day) app to create it. I would recommend buying this app as it is such a great way to capture memories!