always time for a coffee

Conto Lounge, Winton

On a rainy, autumn day my friend Katie and I went for a nice coffee (she got a hot chocolate) at the Conto Lounge on Winton high street. I think I spend around £20 a week on a nice coffee, the addiction I getting a bit ridiculous.

So the weather has taken a turn for the worst, it is officially winter and my mood is at an all time low. It is the beginning of my reading week and I am spending it at my boyfriends house. The fact I have the whole week off is stressing me out, I have so much I need to do and feel like I won’t get it all done. Solly also has his exam to become a qualified electrician on Friday. I am staying with my boyfriend all week as my Mum has officially moved out to Saudi Arabia to be with my Dad and I am not going to see either of them until Christmas. My house is so cold and empty.

The weather is definitely affecting everybody’s moods, it is dark by 5PM and I just want the Summer back already.

Happy November everybody! Time to get into the Christmas spirit.

pumpkin pickin’


Is it halloween season if you don’t pick your own pumpkin? Today my friends and I went to Sopley farm in Christchurch where you are able to go and pick your own pumpkin. In the Summer it turns into a strawberry farm and in the Winter you are able to cut your own Christmas tree. I never really get into Halloween, I never get that dressed up or decorate my house, I just never understood the point. But this year has been so much fun! Although I’m not actually going out on Halloween, I spent the whole weekend dressed up with my friends.

Maybe next year I will make more of an effort, who knows.


BU Summer Ball – Just a couple of eggs

SUBU Summer Ball – Bournemouth University

At the end of the year, Bournemouth University puts on a a Summer Ball which is more like a festival, where all the students dress up as anything they want and spend the whole day partying. This year the line up was not as good, last year they had Chase & Status and My Nu Leng! But this year they had MK, Friction and a couple other DJs. The whole event was put on amazingly, although it was quite small it was like a festival. They had lots of different dance tents including a Bestival, Foreverland and Apple Bum stage.

As you can see, myself and 4 other girls dressed up as eggs. It sounded like a good idea and we got a lot of compliments but it was absolutely boiling. By the time it got to me taking off my egg and wearing my Topshop glittery dress, I was so sweaty it didn’t look good, haha!

The whole day was absolutely amazing, the best send of to first year with all my friends – I couldn’t ask for a better group of people at University!

Roll on the rest of the Summer!!

I have finished my first year at University!

My first year of University is officially over!

On Friday 25th May I had my first/last exam which went extremely well. The feeling of relief when I walked out of the exam hall was brilliant and we all headed straight to spoons. That night I went lollipop at The Old Firestation with all of my course friends and we had the best night. It was also National Wine Day.

I have had a very busy week ahead of me, I have had Love Saves the Day this weekend and I am going back to university this week for the Summer Ball and to celebrate the end of exams with my friends.


“This is your Sunday reminder that you can handle anything that gets thrown at you this week”

I drove back to Bournemouth on this sunny Sunday to go straight over to my friends accommodation and make a roast. What a great way to end a weekend and to prepare for a week of stress before our exam on Friday. Nothing beats a home cooked roasts, especially by my friend Tia the domestic goddess.

boyfriend in bournemouth


A weekend away with my boyfriend

Although I spent a lot of last week at home, I thought it would be a good idea for Solly to come to Bournemouth and visit me for the weekend. He caught the train up Saturday morning and arrived at around 1:00PM. I picked him up from the train station which is just a 5 minute walk from my accommodation, then we came back and watched a film and had a bit of lunch.

At around 4:30PM we got the bus into town where we walked around the Christmas market, looked in a couple of shops and then stopped to have a drink. The next available slot to go ice skating wasn’t until around 8:00PM, so we had a long wait. Ice skating was so funny, the whole set up in Bournemouth gardens is so beautiful and festive. For dinner we got a TGI Fridays which neither of us have ever had before. I got a lush cheese burger with sweet potato fries, where as so got a steak and ribs. TGI Fridays is Sollys ideal restaurant.

Because we started drinking so early, we made an impulsive decision to go on a night out with my girl friends. But by the time it got down to actually going we were completely sober, yet we went to show our faces which I am glad we did. Sasas and Nicky Blackmarket were playing at The Old Firestation and we found 2 tickets for £5.

The next day we had a nice lye in and I cooked him up a big full English breakfast, before we went back down into the Christmas Markets for the afternoon. Sol then got the train home at 4:30PM and I won’t see him again until I am home for Christmas.

Family in Bournemouth | The Stable Restaurant 


On Tuesday evening, my mum and sister drove down to Bournemouth from home so Alice could join me on a night out at Toast Tuesdays. She arrived to my accommodation at around 6:30, I gathered all my Uni girls together for pre drinks and we had the best night!


The next day mum picked us up from my accommodation and we went for lunch at The Stables Restaurant. They sell dishes such as thin pizzas, pies, wraps and big salads. All 3 of us got the pizzas and they were lush. I love thin pizzas because they don’t fill you up to much, so it meant were able to do a bit of shopping before I went back to my halls. Luckily I have found a lot of my Christmas presents which I am going to shop for on Black Friday.

I really love it when any of my friends and family  come to visit me, although I am home a lot it is still so nice to take them around Bournemouth. It is definitely somewhere I can see myself living in the future, or even a big city.