Saudi Arabia


6 days visiting Dad!

As many of you don’t know, my Dad lives in Saudi Arabia working with Rolls – Royce. We do still see him a lot as he comes home for meetings and for some special occasions. This will have been my 5th time out to visit and probably my last as when I turn 19 (which is in March) my flights won’t be payed for anymore as I will officially be an adult. I do love visiting my Dad as it is nice to see him and get some sun. But I also hate it as Saudi is a very feminist and strict county.

My Dad lives on an English compound so when we stay we are allowed to do anything we want really. We spend most the day at the pool sunbathing, go for meals at the hotel, go to the gym, go shopping and just relax. Alice, Mum and I also went to the spa for a morning but as we weren’t there that long we weren’t able to due much. It was very nice to be away from everyone and everything for a little bit.

October: Birchbox

These beauty Blinkboxs I have seen advised everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even many of the people I know have subscribed. So I thought, as I am trying to widen the range of topics I talk about on my blog, I may as well give it a go. I got sent it at the beginning of October so have been using all the products throughout the month. A couple of these products have been really good due to me just coming back from Saudi Arabia, where I was visiting my dad.

My 100% favourite product in this months box will have to be the Hamman body scrub from the brand Rituals. First of all I love the packagings fonts and colour as I feel like it looks like it is from Morrocco or a type of arty country. This product I used a lot when I got back from Saudi as I want to maintain my tan as much as possible. It is a body scrub to get rid of the dead skin on your body. I mainly used it on my face, kneck, shoulders and the bottom of my legs and I defiantly recommend it as my skin now feels amazing. On the Rituals website it cost £14 which contains 150 ml which is ore than double the size of the sample you would get given in the Birchbox.

My second favourite would have to be the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works, which I defiantly need as I find it impossible to get to sleep at night, even when I am exhausted. In the Birchbox I only got given a sample of 5 ml but I will defiantly be buying more. It is a natural way to get to sleep when you are unable to, it isn’t harmful and has a lavender scent, which is also good for you when you have a blocked nose or sore throat.

My last favourite is the LoC Millie Ultra – Gloss lip pencil in Bohemian rose. I really like it as I have been look for the perfect light pink lip colour for ages and now I’ve finally got one. It’s not too heavy on your lips yet it isn’t gloss like.

I will defiantly be applying to get the November box as I think it’s a really good way of expanding what beauty products you have already got and showing you that there are other options.

The last bit of Summer sun

Solly and I spent the Tuesday of our 3 day holiday in Newquay at Newquay Zoo. It was a very good zoo but it has made me realise that I don’t really agree with them. There were 3 lions in the zoo and I felt so sorry for them and the fact that they must be so bored and are not free in the wild. Anyway, apart from that it was very entertaining. I especially loved the meerkats! Solly and I also went on a pedlo which was a very bad idea as we ended up just floating around the lake and we have no leg muscle. 

As you know we stayed in The Headlamd Hotel. The top photograph is our breakfast setting. We sat right next to a huge glass window, over viewing the ocean. At the hotel we get all exclusive breakfast which was ideal as it defiantly got Solly and I up n the morning and the full – English was amazing. Altogether, Sol and I had a really nice 3 days away and would recommend Newquay for a short Summer trip. 

Japanese Garden

On Sol and I’s last day in Newquay we visited a local Japanese Garden. It was £4 each to walk around the garden that contained thousands of different Japenese plants and religious symbols. Although it was pouring with rain whilst we were walking around and it was still beautiful and peaceful. It only took us around 15 minutes to walk to whole of the garden but if it was a nicer day we defiantly would of stayed a lot longer. This place is recommend online and I defiantly think if you’re near by that it is worth a visit. As you can see from the photos it is a lovely place. 

7 Nights at Indian Rocks

For the last week in America we stayed in Indian Rocks. We had our own villa/apartment right next to the beach and catered for ourselves. It was a very nice venue, very open and a friendly environment. We were expecting the beach to be empty but as the week went on more people were going and it seemed to be at very early in the morning. Just down the beach was Clearwater and this is where it was a lot more active and crowded. It is nice to go there for a day/night as it is a very active environment. There were bouncy castles, events and people were even singing and getting people who were watching involved.

Most days we just relaxed on the beach or by the pool, but on some days we did activities such as padding boarding, parasailing and even hired a boat for the day, as you may of read about already.

It was really nice to be in a small building instead of staying in a big, posh hotel that is full of loads of people. As much as I love being around lots of people in an up beat environment it was nice to just chill, with just the family as we did a lot of travelling the first week.


On our last day staying in Indian Rocks we decided to go parasailing. We kept seeing other people on the beach doing this activity and everyone said it is amazing. Alice, Jack and I thought it was going to be thrilling and jumping but actually it’s is very slow and calm. We sat floating in the sky having a nice conversation.

Naples for the Night

For our last night in Florida we stayed in a hotel in Naples. We decided to travel down to Naples so that it isn’t so far to drive on our last day to the airport in Miami. This hotel was probably my favourite hotel of all the hotels I have stayed in. As you can tell from the photos it was so perfect and picturesque. It was a beach resort, yet you had to catch a shuffle bus down to the beach where you travel through loads of trees as if you are in the wilderness. I found that it was hotter in Naples than any where else but stupidly didn’t put any sun cream on as we were topping up our tans on the last day and came back to England looking like a bright tomato.

N.A.S.A. Space Kennedy Centre – Millitary Satillite 2016

2 days after we went to Universal Studios we visited N.A.S.A. Amazingly, there was a satillite entering space that morning. We all had to wake up extremely early to be there for lift off at 8:30AM. This was a once in a life time experience and a memory I will always cherish. Although we were very far away from the take – off point, I still felt like a lucky girl to be stood in N.A.S.A. Space Kennedy Centre as a satillite shot into space. 

My dad briefly explained what this mission was for and all I got out of the conversation was the fact that the satillites purpose is to watch ISIS. I think this is a brilliant mission and I do hope that it helps the world and stops all these negative attacks. If you want to read more about its purpose read this link.

Clear Waters 

At the moment we are staying in Indian Rocks, and last night we decided to take a trip down the beach to Crystal Waters, which is one of the most famous beaches in the world. It is a white sand beach, with a pier and even late at night it is very busy and lively. I don’t personally see why it is so famous but I am guessing it is because of how lively it is and the white sand.

Miami to Orlando


On Sunday we travelled from Miami to Orlando and stopped at a secret beach. The journey was only supposed to take around 3 hours yet ended up taking 7. It was ridiculous and so boring. We are staying in Double Tree Hilton Orlano, which is a very sceptic and has a lovely atmosphere. We went for a last tea in an Italian restaurant that served pasta and fish dishes yet no pizza. Weird. Then as we were so tired went straight to sleep