Japanese Garden

On Sol and I’s last day in Newquay we visited a local Japanese Garden. It was £4 each to walk around the garden that contained thousands of different Japenese plants and religious symbols. Although it was pouring with rain whilst we were walking around and it was still beautiful and peaceful. It only took us around 15 minutes to walk to whole of the garden but if it was a nicer day we defiantly would of stayed a lot longer. This place is recommend online and I defiantly think if you’re near by that it is worth a visit. As you can see from the photos it is a lovely place. 

7 Nights at Indian Rocks

For the last week in America we stayed in Indian Rocks. We had our own villa/apartment right next to the beach and catered for ourselves. It was a very nice venue, very open and a friendly environment. We were expecting the beach to be empty but as the week went on more people were going and it seemed to be at very early in the morning. Just down the beach was Clearwater and this is where it was a lot more active and crowded. It is nice to go there for a day/night as it is a very active environment. There were bouncy castles, events and people were even singing and getting people who were watching involved.

Most days we just relaxed on the beach or by the pool, but on some days we did activities such as padding boarding, parasailing and even hired a boat for the day, as you may of read about already.

It was really nice to be in a small building instead of staying in a big, posh hotel that is full of loads of people. As much as I love being around lots of people in an up beat environment it was nice to just chill, with just the family as we did a lot of travelling the first week.


On our last day staying in Indian Rocks we decided to go parasailing. We kept seeing other people on the beach doing this activity and everyone said it is amazing. Alice, Jack and I thought it was going to be thrilling and jumping but actually it’s is very slow and calm. We sat floating in the sky having a nice conversation.

Naples for the Night

For our last night in Florida we stayed in a hotel in Naples. We decided to travel down to Naples so that it isn’t so far to drive on our last day to the airport in Miami. This hotel was probably my favourite hotel of all the hotels I have stayed in. As you can tell from the photos it was so perfect and picturesque. It was a beach resort, yet you had to catch a shuffle bus down to the beach where you travel through loads of trees as if you are in the wilderness. I found that it was hotter in Naples than any where else but stupidly didn’t put any sun cream on as we were topping up our tans on the last day and came back to England looking like a bright tomato.

N.A.S.A. Space Kennedy Centre – Millitary Satillite 2016

2 days after we went to Universal Studios we visited N.A.S.A. Amazingly, there was a satillite entering space that morning. We all had to wake up extremely early to be there for lift off at 8:30AM. This was a once in a life time experience and a memory I will always cherish. Although we were very far away from the take – off point, I still felt like a lucky girl to be stood in N.A.S.A. Space Kennedy Centre as a satillite shot into space. 

My dad briefly explained what this mission was for and all I got out of the conversation was the fact that the satillites purpose is to watch ISIS. I think this is a brilliant mission and I do hope that it helps the world and stops all these negative attacks. If you want to read more about its purpose read this link.

Clear Waters 

At the moment we are staying in Indian Rocks, and last night we decided to take a trip down the beach to Crystal Waters, which is one of the most famous beaches in the world. It is a white sand beach, with a pier and even late at night it is very busy and lively. I don’t personally see why it is so famous but I am guessing it is because of how lively it is and the white sand.

Miami to Orlando


On Sunday we travelled from Miami to Orlando and stopped at a secret beach. The journey was only supposed to take around 3 hours yet ended up taking 7. It was ridiculous and so boring. We are staying in Double Tree Hilton Orlano, which is a very sceptic and has a lovely atmosphere. We went for a last tea in an Italian restaurant that served pasta and fish dishes yet no pizza. Weird. Then as we were so tired went straight to sleep

Nightime in Miami

We only had one proper night in Miami and it was defiantly an experience. We went to a Bar/Resturant called Hard Rock. It was very loud and full of very rowdy people which was hilarious to watch. I love people watching. It was just your average American food which was good for us to have considering it was our first meal out. Afterwards Alice and I went for a walk around the sea front. It was literally just bar, bar, bar, clothes shop, bar, food shop, bar. I will defiantly love in Miami one day, the vibe is so upbeat and happy. Everybody stopped and cracked a stupid joke about how pale Alice and I are. We then continued to awkwardly laugh or say something sarcastic which the Americans do not understand.

Arriving in Miami

On Friday, my family and I took a 9 hour flight to Miami, Florida. We arrived in the evening and went straight to bed, due to America being 5 hours behind means we gained another 5 hours so our day seemed even longer. It was a long, long boring flight and the arrival into the country didn’t make it easier. We had to go through so many security checks and Alice and I’s bag took forever to get off the plane, meaning it took around 2 hours for us to even leave the airport.

On Saturday, we woke up at around 8:00am and had a huge breakfast. Then spent all day on the beach. By the end of the day we were very, very burnt.

Weekend In Bournemouth


On the 21st May to the 22nd, Solly and I stayed in Bournemouth for the night in The Ocean View Hotel – http://theoceanview.co.uk. I would recommend this hotel if you were staying for one or two nights, not for a long period of time. The venue was quite hard to find and was on a street with many other hotels. Breakfast at The Ocean View Hotel takes place in the hotel next door, which for some people is a bit of a pain. The room was nice, with a big bed, television and tea and coffee. Solly would not stop moaning about the television as it was quite small when we lay on the bed. This hotel is mainly a wedding venue so they concentrate more on the party than their other guests. Overall, we had a good nights stay there. In the 6th photo from the top, you can see a photo of the bed and the wallpaper.

Sol and I got there at about 3:00PM on the 21st of May as we had a lot of trouble getting down there, due to Solly’s car constantly breaking every time we had to go up a hill and my bad navigation. When we FINALLY got there we went and did a bit of shopping in the town centre and got some lunch. I love the speed of the city and all the noises but I don’t think Solly seemed to enjoy the big brass band playing the same song over and over again whilst we were sitting eating lunch. In the evening we went for a meal at an Italian just down the road from our hotel, and then went back to the hotel and watch TV.

The next day we spent pretty much our whole day in the arcade, waisting away all of our money and winning nothing back. We also went to Oceanarium aquarium which again I really enjoyed. We spent the rest of the day eating and in the arcade. We also tried the ‘best fish and chips in the world’ but I can defiantly say Somerset fish and chips are a lot nicer.

Funny enough, on our way home the sun came out when it had been raining most of the weekend. If anybody has any questions about our activities feel free to ask me!