How to drink your skin healthy…


Try and drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Water is the best cleanser for the insides of your body and skin toxins. Increasing your water intake will give your skin that extra glow that not many products can give you. If your skin is not getting enough water, you hydration with end with dry and tight skin, which can also lead to early wrinkles in the future.


In the morning it is best to stick to either black coffee or tea. I normally go for coffee as it wakes me up in the morning. Having a cappuccino or latte is also OK but try and stick to just one a day! A smoothie is also a good thing to drink in the morning as it means you will start the day with fruit in your system. Especially when you are at Uni, it is the perfect drink before an early start if you are not too hungry.


In the afternoon it is best to drink green tea rather than filling yourself up on coffee. Green tea has an anti – ageing benefit that can delay any signs of ageing however old you are. It can stop sun damage, sagging skin, spots, dine lines and even wrinkles


In the evening try and drink a glass of cranberry with your dinner. (Read about why cranberry is good for you –¬†


Before bed have a glass of detox water. This is cold water and ice, infused with cucumber, mint and lemon. This will detox your body before you go to bed, helping you relax and water and lemon are both very good for you.

bournemouth bedlam TAKE 2

As you would of seen previously in my blog, a couple of my friends came up to Bournemouth for this event called Bedlam where different DJ sets played. On Saturday 27th they came up again for the second Bedlam. This time it was Sub Focus, Pendulum, Macky Gee and a couple other sets and we all had a great night. Its very unusual for me to not take photos but for some reason I was having so much fun that taking photos or videos was the last thing on my mind.

Again I wore those pink puff earrings from Primark and my top was from Urban Outfitters. I loved my outfit this night!

pink puff earrings

Throughout my stress of January I only went out twice. In the middle of all my friends exams we decided to take a break and spend a Saturday night watching King of the Rollers at The Old Fire Station in Bournemouth. Throughout that week I bought myself a nice new outfit as I had just got my student loan and felt like treating myself. The trousers I am wearing are from New Look, my trainers are Nike Air Force 1 and I wore a pair of long pink, puffy earrings from Primark. I LOVE THEM. They are just something completely different to my ordinary hoops.

This night out was a lot of fun as I went out with the group of girls I am living with next year and it is the first time in a while we have been out all together.

January Blues | how to beat them!

The festive season is over, we are nearly at the end of the month and lets be honest, January is the gloomiest time of the year. Not only is everyone on a down low, revising for exams or back to work, the weather is horrible. It is cold, rainy and still getting dark at 4:30PM, what could be more depressing? January is the time when we all begin our annual resolutions and taking a long break before St Valentines Day. Throughout the Christmas period, you think the first month of the New Year as a time to revamp yourself after the craziness but in my case, it has been the complete opposite.

A week into January I went back to University where I found myself spending a lot of time on my own as everyone was either revising for their exams or hadn’t come back yet. Although this should of given me a reason to start going to the gym, getting myself back into blogging and trying to get into my New Years resolutions, I spent myself going into a downward spiral where I was spending my time doing absolutely nothing. The vibe at University was not a nice one, so after I had done my presentation to finish one of my modules (which went horrendously) I came straight home and I am glad I did. I ended up spending 5 days in bed with the Australian flu, so yes my start to 2018 has not been a great one.

For the past week I have had the whole week off before I am starting my new modules again in February and it has been lush. I have relaxed, got back into the gym and caught up with all my friends from home. After a miserable month I am looking forward to getting back into my University lifestyle in February.

Although I have spent a lot of these past few weeks on a low, I have found a few tips to keep myself going that I want to share with you all. I know this post is about beating January blues but these points can help you at any time of the year.

1. Hit the sales

This is the first tip as obviously after Christmas there are sales absolutely everywhere and who doesn’t get cheered up by a little bit of retail therapy.

2. Start planning the Summer

This is something that will always boost your mood, thinking about the Summer. After Christmas and New Years it will feel like you have nothing to look forward too, so buying tickets for a festival or booking a holiday will always keep you motivated to make it through the rest of the year.

3. Get some fresh air / exercise

I am lucky enough to have a beach just 10 minutes from where I am living in Bournemouth, so whenever I feel as if I have not been productive or left the flat much I always try and walk down to the beach, just to get some fresh air. Doing exercise is very important as well, so joining your local gym or going on a run will definitely boost your mood and keep you motivated.

4. Visit your friends

After spending so much time with your family and friends over the festive period, going into January will also seem very lonely. So catching up with friends, even just grabbing a coffee will put you in a better mood.

I hope these few tips will help you like they have helped me. Isn’t January the most depressing month?




Highlights of 2017 & taking a break

I have finally finished my video of the whole of 2017. This has to be one of my favourite videos as it includes all my highlights of the year. I have had the best year ever as you will be able to see with in this video. All the songs are remixes that I merged into one and they perfectly go with that time of the year.

I hope everyone is having a good January, mine is a bit dull. I’ve got loads of deadlines and am spending all my time in my lonely Uni room. After next Thursday I am free to socialise again but until then I am locking myself inside to get it done. Who is doing Dry January? Because I am giving it ago or even just cutting down as being fit and healthy this year is important to me as I want my Summer body!

Taking a break:

Since blogging of the Christmas holidays I had a realisation, blogging is stressing me out more than I am enjoying it. So I was thinking I will give myself a little break to sort out what I actually want to write about. It has become more of a chore than something I enjoy and I don’t want it to be like that. I have realised that less is more, so was thinking I will concentrate on making my posts amazing rather than posting all the time but writing the bare minimum. Whilst being at Uni I am finding it very heard to keep up on top of things and my work comes first. If you have read my New Years resolutions post you would of seen that my first one is to prioritise. So once I have got my priorities straight and I find a good balance with Uni work, socialising, gym and blogging I will get right back into it.

I will check up with you all soon. Have a good rest of your month.

How to “bounce back” this January

It is the beginning of January and every body wants to start a fresh. It’s time to get fit, healthy and cleanse all the toxins from over Christmas out of your body. This post is going to be 5 quick and easy tips to make yourself feel slightly more lively at the beginning of this long month. These are going to be based more around how you feel on your inside, rather than to do with being fit and healthy. Drinking lots of alcohol and eating your body weight in cheese can make your skin break out, so here are a few tips to help you get back on track and feeling your best self.


This is one of the main points to get back on track, drink lots of water! I try and drink 3 pints a day because we are having to rehydrate our bodies from Christmas. This is an important start to your cleanse as it will naturally flush your system.


As your are going out a lot over Christmas it is important to give your skin a break. Wearing no make up and cleaning your skin thoroughly for just a couple of days will make a big difference. If you are like me, alcohol makes my skin break out so at the moment I have quite a few spots that I never normally get. So throughout this week I have been doing my winter skin routine (which you can read here - ) and already I am feeling a lot more hydrated. Exfoliating is important as your pours need a good clean. Even just cleaning your face with water every morning will make you


Try and avoid plastering layers of make up on your skin for a couple of days. Like I have said, your skin needs a break and this is the best way to let it breathe.


Since 2018 has begun I have been trying to concentrate on eating healthier as I have been feeling extremely bloated since starting University and the Christmas period. When I eat badly I feel very down in myself so one of my resolutions is to lose weight. Eating clean will not only make you feel better, you will also look better as you will have a lot more energy. So I have been having a smoothie every morning and eating home-made vegetable soup to flush everything out of my body.


Now that the fun and excitement of Christmas is over and done with it is time to get back to the real world. Spend a couple of days concentrating on yourself, whether that is catching up with work, getting back into your routine or just relaxing. This is your time to get organized.


Happy New Year everyone! It is the 3rd January and I am finally bringing myself to post about my 2018 celebration. I have been very ill for 2 days and although I am not feeling much better, I feel it is time to get on with everything I need to get done this week.

So I had the best New Years Eve ever. I spent it with amazing people at a hilarious venue and it was so great to enter the New Year on such a high.

Dress – ASOS

I got this dress for Christmas from my Mum and I believe that it was actually quite cheap considering how pretty it is. It is a black dress covered in gold glitter with a thin fit. I do believe it would fit any figure just because it is hugging to whatever size you are. At this point I was feeling extremely bloated from the amount I had been eating and drinking. I did not try it on till the night before New Years because I was worried about how it would look. But I actually loved it! I wore it with my new lace bralet from ASOS and my new pink Nike trainers that I got from Solly.


I spent my evening at Bocabar in Glastonbury where they held an NYE Mardi Gras Party. This involved a carnival theme, such as UV, glitter and a lot of random things. There were blow up bananas and palm trees all around the room, with lots of bright colours showing a mardi gras theme. Going here was an amazing idea as it meant we were local and all together.


Altogether it was an amazing night as you can tell. What an amazing way to end 2017. What did you all get up to this New Years Eve?