My New Body Shop Eye Shadow

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Body Shop – 3 for 2 offer on make up and skin care

I have never bought anything from Body Shop other than skin and bath stuff, so when I saw this offer while I was shopping in Cribbs Causeway I thought I should make the most of their beauty products. Each of these mini eye shadow colours cost £5 so for three I spent £10. Normally I would not spend much money on eye shadow, especially colours like these as I would not use them on a daily. But I thought, maybe if I buy some unique colours I would start to wear a different style of make up to normal.

How I use these eye shadows:

  1. First I prime my eye with my W7 face primer. I then use 201 – as a base and place it all over my eye lid, all the way up to my eyebrow.
  2. I then take a slightly thinner eye shadow brush and place ….. onto my eye lid, all the way into the corner of my eye.
  3. Then I use 320 – Bengal Granite as a smokey eye. To do this I brush it into the crack in my eye lid and smudge it to the outer corner of my eye and closer to my eyebrow.

I would only wear this eye shadow look on a night out or for a special occasion as it is quite dark. I do not think I would be able to get away with wearing a look like this on a daily due to my skin colour and how light my hair is. Also, I embrace the natural look a lot more often than wearing cakes of make up when I am not busy. This is because I like to give my skin a break and want to be comfortable leaving the house without making loads of effort.

I wore this make up look on my night out on Friday. I was in a rush to get ready as I had to go straight from work at 10 to meet my friends but I thought the eye shadow was brilliant, as it lasted through my whole shift at work and still look intact when I got to the nightclub.


Wagamamas & Lush Shopping | A Day at Cribbs Causeway 

Tuesday 11th July

On Wednesday I had the day off work so mum, my sister, my mums two students and I spent the day in Bristol. First of all, mum dropped Alice and I at Cabots so that we could do some clothes shopping. We first went to Primark, then Urban Outfitters and JD Sport where I bought a pair of lounging Adidas leggings. Other than that I did not spend much money in any of the other shops.

At around 1:30PM mum picked us up at we went for a big lunch at Wagamamas at Cribbs Causeway. I have only ever had one other Wagamamas and that is when mum and I went to Bournemouth University open day but personally I find the menu extremely confusing, so I ended up getting the exact same. If you have never heard of Wagamamas before it is an Asian and Japanese cuisine. I had a Yaki Soba with chicken and prawn to eat and a side of Gyoza fried duck dumplings. The other Wagamamas in my first photograph is my mums, and she got a Pad Thai salad.

By the time we had got to Cribbs, Alice and had had enough of clothes shopping so we spent a lot of time in Lush Cosmetics. I ended up buying two bath bombs and Alice bought a soap highlighter. I thought that instead of doing a review on all three products on this post, I would do them all separately when I use the bath bombs.

Vanity Planet – Ultimate Skin Spa System

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Vanity Spa & Nuxe

For Christmas I asked for this Vanity Spa brush which Savannah Montanno advertised on her Makeup Routine video on Youtube. This girl was my absolute idol, so any product she advertised I believe made me exactly like her.

So when I bought this brush I did not know what I was doing or how to use it, therefore I left it in the corner of my room. Until recently I have fallen in love.

This Vanity Spa product comes with three different brushes in which you can electrically rub on your face. The grey brush is a cleansing brush, the black brush is exfoliating and the white brush is a silicone. If you did not know, a silicone brush is used to gently cleanse your skin without using any harsh chemicals to get rid of any makeup, dirt or oil that is left on your skin. This brush has two different speeds, one faster than the other. The speed you use depends on how you personally want to treat your skin. Everybody is different.

My favourite brush on this Vanity Spa product would have to be the exfoliating brush as I feel that dirt quickly gets under my skin when I have not cleaned properly after a long few days. So using this on my skin is a quick and easy way to get my skin back to normal. The only thing about this brush and the grey one is that you must clean it regularly due to it capturing any bacteria off of your face. The silicone brush is good to use when you are travelling a lot, due to it being plastic and not keeping hold of anything from your face.

With this brush I use a product that I got in a birchbox at the end of last year and that is the Nuxe Paris – Creme Prodigieuse. This is a french moisturiser which I can’t praise enough. I did not start using it until I began to use this brush as I thought these two go perfectly together. It is a very thin moisturiser that gives you perfectly soft skin. So when you combined both products together your skin can feel flawless. It is incredible what an impact these two products have made.

An Exmoor Wedding Party

My cousins wedding party

On Saturday night I attended my cousins wedding party. She had a reception in the day and held the after party at her home which is in Exmoor. Tina and her family live by a lake as her now husband has a fishing business and as you can see it is incredible. It is such a photogenic place and apparently at the end of the night, all my male cousins jumped in.

My family and I left at around 11:00PM as my mum was driving and getting very tired. Although we were there for a very short amount of time, I am glad we made the effort to go. Spending time with my massive family was lovely.

My dress: Topshop

Alice’s playsuit: Urban Outfitters

My Busy Weekend | Through My Phone

7th – 9th July – Whole weekend off work!

Friday: On Friday, in the morning I went to the gym with my sister. Then we went and played mini golf in Cheddar with my best friend Holly. In the evening, my bestie Kelsey and I went to spoons where we bumped into a lot of old friends, before we went to our friends house for more drinks.

Saturday: Solly and I had a lie in at his whole before we went for a late lunch at Frankie and Bennies and a walk around Clarks Village. I then had to be home by 5:00PM to start getting ready for the wedding party. I then spent the evening in Exmoor.

Sunday: Again, Solly and I had a lovely lie in, then spent the evening in Weston getting fish and chips for tea.

After finding out that I am working literally every second of next weekend, I wish I made the most of this weekend off instead of lying in bed but I also got up to quite a lot. I am working Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday next week so I will do my best to keep up to date with my blog. I want it to become a regular thing where I can share everything I do and love.

Beach Day | Durdle Door & Lulworth Cove

Thursday 6th July

Thursday morning, Lauren, Immy and I set out on an hour drive to Dorset to spend a very hot day at the beach. I haven’t had a proper beach day this year so it was lovely. I also don’t spend much time with these two girls so it was nice for us to spend the whole day at the beach together.

We got there at around 12:30PM so we had a full day of sunbathing and swimming. The beach was not busy at all which was unexpected as it was such a nice day. We lounged around, sunbathed and dipped in the freezing cold sea. Then set home at around 4:30PM as Lauren had to be home by 6:00PM. I definitely want to go to these beaches again as the whole day I felt as if I was in a foreign country and it made me extremely excited for the rest of the Summer.

End of May & June 2017

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As you may of probably notice, I love making short videos of everything I do. It has become a bit of a habit. I can’t seem to do anything now without taking a video of it, but its great. Though the Summer I have a lot planned, so instead of only making monthly videos, I will make individual ones. They are all filmed on my phone, that is why the quality isn’t the best. I am not dedicated enough yet to take a professional camera everywhere with me, and I think if I did do that I would capture what I do on my phone.

In this video the main events are Love Saves the Day and obviously Glastonbury Festival, but there are other videos included of what I did throughout the month. I didn’t get up to much as I was busy finishing college, but over the next 3 months I will definitely up my game. I hope you enjoy it!