A great Easter half term

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Hello! I haven’t really been very active on my blog recently, which is stupid of me because I have just had 2 weeks off and should of spent way more of my time concentrating on my blog, videos and my college work. Instead I spent nearly everyday out of my house. It is definitely time for a detox, as it is the Thursday after my manic half term and I am a state. I have a very sore throat, a blocked noise and a very bad sleeping pattern. I have been going to sleep at 6 in the morning and waking up at 1. I definitely time to get back into the routine and for sure get back to the gym. As I haven’t really worked much over the Easter, I lost a lot of motivation and wanted to spend everyday catching up with old friends or doing something exciting. As the new Weather spoons has opened in Street, my friends and I spent most of our evening there, buy £10 bottles of rose. I feel like I have just been throwing my money in the bin.

In the first week I caught up with old friends, went to Palace in Bridgwater, went shopping in Bristol, went on long walks to get rid of the hangover, found the cliff looking over Cheddar Gorge, went to Kudos in Wells and went to the races. In the second week, I spent a lot of time with my friends who go to University, stayed in Bournemouth for the night and attended a University day, went for drinks, went on a night out in Glastonbury and ended up in Kudos and went to Lakota on the Sunday night with Kels.

Overall, I have had a really good 2 weeks and it has got me very excited for the Summer. I hope you all had time off and enjoyed your time in the sun.



A you may of noticed, for my 19th birthday I got a Olympus Pen camera, so my best friend George and I went for a walk up Street Hill while the sun was slowly setting. Here are a couple of pictures we took, making the most of the lighting (excuse my one last nail – I know it looks horrific but I still can not seem to get off 2 of my acrylic nails that I got done in Yeovil for my birthday.)

Point to point

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Today my family and I went point to pointing in Dorset. I didn’t place many bets as I have hardly any money left and hate when I lose. It was such a lovely day, which has left me with a bright red face and chest.

I wore smart black trousers from ASOS, with a plain grey bodysuit from H&M. It is not a dressy event but a lot of farmers go, which means Ralph Lauren was plastered everywhere with farmer hats and tweed jackets.

Sunny Sunday’s

Lyme Regis Seaside

On Sunday, Sol and I woke up after spending Saturday night at the pub and decided to spend the day at the beach. The sun was shining brightly, but by the time we got the the Lyme Regis is was gone 3:00PM. We got fish and chips, went in the arcades and played mini golf. I was wearing a grey vest the whole day and didn’t need a jumper till around 8:00PM. It is officially Spring.

Mothers Day


“You’re not a regular mum… You’re a cool mum”

This blog post is an appreciation post to my lovely mum, Diana Thorne. The top picture is of my whole family and I in Saudi Arabia which is where my Dad currently lives. I hope you all had a good Mothers Day in the first bit of Summer sunshine, I spent the whole day in a busy pub!


Friday night Sub House 

Best Friends

On Friday night, Holly, George and I went to the Sub House in Wells for tea. George goes to Bristol Uni and although we live in Somerset which is very close, we hardly ever see him. I have known George my whole life and have been very close to him since about year 1 as we went to primary and secondary together, and live in very close villages. Where as Hol I see everyday.

The Sub House does many different types of burgers and gives everything on the menu fun names. If you go to the one in Wells you wouldn’t notice it as it is not sign posted and is very hidden away. In side is every small and seems like it has just been reformed from a house. We had to wait upstairs for a table to be free, in a room that had very old DS computer games which we played on for about half an hour and got very addictive.