My Everyday Make Up | W7 Products

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My everyday make up is extremely simple, I always stick to the basics. Normally through the week I rarely wear make up as I believe it is good to give your skin a break. I also don’t wear make up due to my laziness.

As you can probably tell if you have been reading my blog for a long time, I love the brand W7. It is easy, looks good on my skin and is affordable for a broke student like me. So my everyday make up consists of products from that company. I am not going to say too much about each product as I already have and will talk about them individually I just wanted to show you viewers what I usually use on my face.

Black Stocking Body Bar | Lush Cosmetics

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For a golden glow…

This is a product that actually my sister bought from the Lush Cosmetics store in Cribbs Causeway. One of the companies employees used their customer service and won Alice over. This is a small, bronze body tint bar that gives you a slight glow. It is an extremely moisturising bar that you rib all over your body after you wash your body. The best time to use it is when you are going on a night out or any sort of day event to make to make your skin glow. I liked to use it on my legs due to them not being so brown at the moment because of the miserable English weather. This will give your body a sort of highlight and will stand out well in the lights.

The part about this product that sold it to my sister, is the fact that you can use this body bar as a face highlighter. Personally I have never been one to spend lots of money on an expensive highlighter because although it does look lovely on some girls, a massive amount of highlighter on my face look silly. This is the same for Alice. I think it is mainly because we have very fare skin, whenever we go out it never looks as if we are wearing much make up when we are. But, when I used this product on my face before I went out with my girlfriends last night, I fell in love.

Normally with a highlighter you use it just above your contour line, but with this product I placed it on top of my contour in a thick line. It gave my face a slight shimmer and sparkle which brought out my face a lot more and defined my cheek bones.

This product cost £7.95 for 30Gs. If you are interested, click on the first photograph of the body bar on this blog post and it will take you to the Lush Cosmetic site.

Fizzbanger Bath Bomb | Lush Cosmetics

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Lush Cosmetics 

As you saw in my post about shopping in Bristol, I went into Lush Cosmetics and bought two different bath bombs. I haven’t used bath bombs in a while as I got so used to using bubble bath, so I thought I should give them a try again as I used to love them. I bought the Fizzbanger as first of all, I loved the smell and secondly the name tells me that it is going to react massively when it hits the water.

As soon as I placed the bath bomb in the water it started fizzling a lot making the colour of my water bright yellow. When the yellow froths around the bath, you can see a bright blue middle in the bath bomb, with a little note saying ‘BANG.’ This reminds me of some sort of Marvell film or Comic. The blue centre and the yellow mixes together and creates a bright green colour in my bath tub. It sounds exactly like popping candy, this makes it very exciting. The smell of the bath bomb is lemony and slightly cinnamony. It left a lovely smell in my whole bath room.

3 Favourite Summer Lipsticks

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W7 Matte Lipsticks – Summer Colours

 After Glastonbury Festival I went for a massive beauty shop to try to sort my life out a bit and ended up coming across these three lipsticks. First of all I love the brand W7, from their eye shadows to their contouring kit, you definitely get good value for your money. When I went into the beauty outlet in Clarks Village they had a huge selection of lipstick, and after going through them all I picked out these as my top three; Pink, Jemima and Cote d’Azure.

I have been looking for a lipstick that I could wear daily. I have never been massively into putting something on my lips but I really wanted to start to as it really changes the whole look of you face. It also can make you look like you have put in a lot more effort than you have. Pink is a slightly darker colour to the other two and is perfect for a night out. The quality of the lipstick is amazing and found that I only had to apply it around two more times throughout the night. Jemima is a nice colour when you are having a day out, maybe going for a nice lunch or even dinner. In the swat on my hand, it looks a lot brighter than it actually is, the same with Cote d’Azure. That one is not as orange as it looks, it is actually more pinky. My favourite is Jemima at the moment due to the stunning weather Great Britain has been having. I also have not been out as much lately, so it is perfect for my days out or dinners with my boyfriend and friends. I definitely recommend having a look at W7 lipsticks, they are definitely worth the money as they do the job without spending a fortune.

The Perfect Day Off

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Thursday 19th July

Today is my only day off all week. I have absolutely no plans so the day is all about me. I woke up at 10:00AM, got out of bed and made myself a banana protein smoothie. Then my brother Jack and I went to the gym. I got home at 1:00PM and made myself a salad. It felt so nice eating well after the past 4 days of complete binging. I then sat at my computer and caught up on my blogging!

I then decided to walk Maisy, my dog, to the local shop to buy a cappuccino and a magazine because it was then time for face masks. In the evening I cleaned my car and went back to the gym. I thought this was a perfect day off as it was a day spent repenting and now I feel a lot better for it.

What you need for a day off:

  • A good magazine/book –  I chose a Health magazine as I have recently enjoyed reading about different meals and exercising as don’t know to much about it. I also want to be more knowledged on what is good and what is bad for me.
  • Healthy meals – I have tried to seriously detox, by eating just salads and a piece of salmon for my dinner.
  • A good television show – I have been re – watching TOWIE and Gossip Girl recently as I have not been able to find a new show. If you have an suggestions please comment below.
  • A long bath – I actually made myself a detox bath which I will talk about in a different post.
  • Run small errands – Get everything done that you need too. Whether it is sending post or even just washing your car. Get it done on your day off!
  • Pamper yourself! – Today I finally go to use my Garnier – Moisture Bomb face mask. I actually bought this ages ago and never got round to trying it. I left it on for 15 minutes and when I removed it I rubbed the remains of the product in the packet into my face. It left an oily feeling on my face and when I dried up made my voice feel spotless. I then used these 7th Heaven – Unclog Pore Strips that I bought from Primark. I placed when across my nose and it removed all the dead skin and my black head. In my Healthy magazine I got this Dr Organic – Lavender Skin Lotion which I placed on my face after using all the products I have already spoke about.

Healthy magazine, Dr Organic – Lavender Skin Lotion, 7th Heaven – Unclog Pore Strips, Lush – Hand and Body Lotion, Garnier – Cleansing Water, Garner – Moisture Bomb.

My New Body Shop Eye Shadow

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Body Shop – 3 for 2 offer on make up and skin care

I have never bought anything from Body Shop other than skin and bath stuff, so when I saw this offer while I was shopping in Cribbs Causeway I thought I should make the most of their beauty products. Each of these mini eye shadow colours cost £5 so for three I spent £10. Normally I would not spend much money on eye shadow, especially colours like these as I would not use them on a daily. But I thought, maybe if I buy some unique colours I would start to wear a different style of make up to normal.

How I use these eye shadows:

  1. First I prime my eye with my W7 face primer. I then use 201 – as a base and place it all over my eye lid, all the way up to my eyebrow.
  2. I then take a slightly thinner eye shadow brush and place ….. onto my eye lid, all the way into the corner of my eye.
  3. Then I use 320 – Bengal Granite as a smokey eye. To do this I brush it into the crack in my eye lid and smudge it to the outer corner of my eye and closer to my eyebrow.

I would only wear this eye shadow look on a night out or for a special occasion as it is quite dark. I do not think I would be able to get away with wearing a look like this on a daily due to my skin colour and how light my hair is. Also, I embrace the natural look a lot more often than wearing cakes of make up when I am not busy. This is because I like to give my skin a break and want to be comfortable leaving the house without making loads of effort.

I wore this make up look on my night out on Friday. I was in a rush to get ready as I had to go straight from work at 10 to meet my friends but I thought the eye shadow was brilliant, as it lasted through my whole shift at work and still look intact when I got to the nightclub.


Wagamamas & Lush Shopping | A Day at Cribbs Causeway 

Tuesday 11th July

On Wednesday I had the day off work so mum, my sister, my mums two students and I spent the day in Bristol. First of all, mum dropped Alice and I at Cabots so that we could do some clothes shopping. We first went to Primark, then Urban Outfitters and JD Sport where I bought a pair of lounging Adidas leggings. Other than that I did not spend much money in any of the other shops.

At around 1:30PM mum picked us up at we went for a big lunch at Wagamamas at Cribbs Causeway. I have only ever had one other Wagamamas and that is when mum and I went to Bournemouth University open day but personally I find the menu extremely confusing, so I ended up getting the exact same. If you have never heard of Wagamamas before it is an Asian and Japanese cuisine. I had a Yaki Soba with chicken and prawn to eat and a side of Gyoza fried duck dumplings. The other Wagamamas in my first photograph is my mums, and she got a Pad Thai salad.

By the time we had got to Cribbs, Alice and had had enough of clothes shopping so we spent a lot of time in Lush Cosmetics. I ended up buying two bath bombs and Alice bought a soap highlighter. I thought that instead of doing a review on all three products on this post, I would do them all separately when I use the bath bombs.