August & September 2017

I have finally finished my August and September video and it is safe to say that I am extremely proud of this one! It is probably the longest video I have made as I did a lot though August as you all have seen if you have been following my blog through the Summer. Like and subscribe, it has been an incredible couple of months.

Friday 13th October

We all know Friday the 13th to be the day of bad luck, but luckily I am lying in my bed on a Friday night having enjoyed a nice Pizza Hut with my Uni bestie Katie. We dressed up all nice for our date night expecting to get a sophisticated Wagamamas, but as expected there was a half an hour wait. Luckily Pizza Hut was right next door.

The only bad luck I have had is loosing my ID which at Uni is one of the worst things to happen. I haven’t been able to go out all week, especially tonight when Tom Zanetti is playing at Halo. But I am saving myself for Bedlam at the O2 tomorrow night where Andy C, Skepsis, Darksy, Dimension and more are playing and a couple of my friends are coming down to stay!

I hope your Friday the 13th was as pleasant as mine!

End of Summer Shindig ⭐️ Pt. 1

My leaving do!

As you all probably know I am moving to Bournemouth University on Sunday. So to celebrate with all my friends I had a huge party August bank holiday weekend. It was an amazing night which I do not remember much of.

I bought my camera out when a couple of friends and I were setting up the marquee and ended up leaving it out all night, meaning it was filled with lot and lots of crazy photos! There were over 250 pictures on the camera and these are my favourite 10, at some point I will show you a couple more but for now I will leave you with these photos and you can use your imagination of what happened.

The weekend after Tenerife | Sollys 20th Birthday 

Sol and I arrived home from Tenerife on Friday 8th at around 6:00PM. As soon as I arrived home all of my friends and school friends had decided that they wanted to have 1 big night out before everyone goes off to Uni. As I had already said it was Solly’s birthday on Saturday 9th and he turned 20. So I did not want to ruin the day by being to hungover, so I went out but did not drink excessively.

For Solly’s 20th I went to his through the day before going home and getting ready for his night out. All the boys went for a Chinese and met us girls at Wetherspoons. We then went back to one of our friends homes when spoons closed where we continued to drink more. Solly had a great birthday!!

Catch up with me | An amazing month!

I began the month by quitting my job and then having a small gathering at mine after going out in Glastonbury. It seems like every time I go out at the moment all my friends and I get the best photos.


I then travelled down to Woolacombe with Alice to meet the rest of my family, where we stayed for a couple nights and relaxed. I then came home early with my brother and sister.

The next day I went to BoomTown with my best friend where we had a crazy 4 days.


A few days later I celebrated my friends 19th birthday in a hot tub. In this week my brother and sister both passed their driving tests and I upgraded my broken phone to an IPhone 7.

That weekend I took my boyfriend Solly to London for an early birthday present!

A day after I got home my Mum, sister and I flew to Barcelona for a girly get away and some Spanish sun.

And then too end my amazing month, I had a huge party to celebrate the Summer and the fact that I am off to University in 2 weeks! I had the best night I could of had. 

Bath Shopping & Jamie Olivers Diner | Day out in Bath

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Wednesday 26th July 2017

At the moment, my mum has two students staying for two weeks from Spain and France as she is teaching them English. They are both 16 so while I have not been at work I join them on their days out. Valentine from France has been studying Jamie Oliver at school so mum thought it would be a good idea to take her there as there is not any of these restaurants in France. I have only been to the Jamie Oliver’s Diner in Convent Garden, which I will be going back to in August so it was nice to try out the one in Bath. The restaurant is very hidden as it is down a thin alleyway, but after getting very lost we finally found it. To eat I go Jamie’s Big Five Salad but got the small version of it with a side of sweet potato fries. This was so that I could fit in the vanilla, strawberry shortcake.

The service in this restaurant was really good, everybody was extremely polite and the food was perfect. It was all delicious and I have nothing bad to say about any of it.

After we had lunch we did a little bit of shopping. I did not buy much just a little bit of jewellery and a new top for this weekend. It was from Urban Outfitters and I will share it with you on Sunday.