Bath Shopping & Jamie Olivers Diner | Day out in Bath

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Wednesday 26th July 2017

At the moment, my mum has two students staying for two weeks from Spain and France as she is teaching them English. They are both 16 so while I have not been at work I join them on their days out. Valentine from France has been studying Jamie Oliver at school so mum thought it would be a good idea to take her there as there is not any of these restaurants in France. I have only been to the Jamie Oliver’s Diner in Convent Garden, which I will be going back to in August so it was nice to try out the one in Bath. The restaurant is very hidden as it is down a thin alleyway, but after getting very lost we finally found it. To eat I go Jamie’s Big Five Salad but got the small version of it with a side of sweet potato fries. This was so that I could fit in the vanilla, strawberry shortcake.

The service in this restaurant was really good, everybody was extremely polite and the food was perfect. It was all delicious and I have nothing bad to say about any of it.

After we had lunch we did a little bit of shopping. I did not buy much just a little bit of jewellery and a new top for this weekend. It was from Urban Outfitters and I will share it with you on Sunday.

Godney Gathering 2017

On Saturday night I went to Godney Gathering with my best friends. If you have been following my blog for a while you will see that I went last year and had the best evening! This year was also great but was such a rush. I finished work at 6:00PM and went strate there, even though I was knackered, hungover and stank from the night before. Being the trooper that I am, I downed half a bottle of wine before I got there meaning I did feel a lot more relaxed.

If you didn’t know, Godney Gathering is a family festival which is taken place in Godney. This is near where I live. It is a small event where a couple of bands play, with festival food, clothes stoops and even a silent disco! It goes on all day and you can even camp, I really recommend it if you just wanted a nice day out with your friends or even your kids as it is extremely children friendly. The music turns off at midnight which is when the festival ends. From there, my friend Jess gave me a lift to another friends house where I met my boyfriend and went home. It was an earlier night than before but the next day was still a massive struggle.

Beach Day | Durdle Door & Lulworth Cove

Thursday 6th July

Thursday morning, Lauren, Immy and I set out on an hour drive to Dorset to spend a very hot day at the beach. I haven’t had a proper beach day this year so it was lovely. I also don’t spend much time with these two girls so it was nice for us to spend the whole day at the beach together.

We got there at around 12:30PM so we had a full day of sunbathing and swimming. The beach was not busy at all which was unexpected as it was such a nice day. We lounged around, sunbathed and dipped in the freezing cold sea. Then set home at around 4:30PM as Lauren had to be home by 6:00PM. I definitely want to go to these beaches again as the whole day I felt as if I was in a foreign country and it made me extremely excited for the rest of the Summer.

Fathers Day evening on the beach

Sunday 18th June


This fathers day I spent at work. The shift was not fun at img_8300ALL as it was 30 degrees and hectic busy. I finished at 5:30, got changed and headed straight to Weston Beach with my family. We went to Weston at it is the closest beach to where I live, but it is not the nicest. Alice, Jack and I tried to walk to the beach, but the closest we got we begun to realise it was just pure mud that we were walking in. So we headed back and got fish and chips!

I hope you all had a good fathers day! Happy fathers day to my legend of a dad.

Hot air balloon up Glastonbury Tor

My friend Hol and I spent Saturday evening up Glastonbury Tor. First we went to Tescos, bought a load of snack and a bottle of wine then begun tracking. Honestly I can not describe how hot and sweaty it was walking up a steep hill at 6:30 in the evening. We sat on the opposite side of the way we walked up so that we could see Glastonbury festival. While we were sat eating our picnic, a hot air balloon started going up and begun to circle us around the Tor as the sun set.

We walked down from the Tor at about 8:30 and went for a drink at a local pub called The Bear Inn. We didn’t stay out late as we were both very tired. I had been at work in this heat all day and came straight our afterwards. I had also been up since 8:00AM as my boyfriend went off to work, this is not a normal time for me to wake up but was actually really nice. I had a good breakfast in the sun with all my family, walked my dog and caught up on Love Island. Which I am loving at the moment!

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Finally finished college!

3 years

img_8243It is official. I have finally finished all of my coursework and completed college. As I have said, I did A – Levels the first year, did not do too well, then started a Broadcast Media course in my second year. I am glad I did this as I am very content with my life now to


move away to University in September. Where as last year, I was a bit of a mess and think it would of been the worst idea to of moved.

I have grown up a lot in a year and think that now it is definitely time for me to get away from here. I have now got the whole of the Summer to do whatever I want, with no stress and I am excited. I will be keeping you all updated on what I am doing and will be spending way more time on my blog. I have a lot of ideas so press the follow button so that you don’t miss a post!

These are a couple of photos that were put on snapchat the day I finished college. This weekend is amazing weather, so I will be taking a lot of pictures to share.