Tokyo World 2017

Tokyo World is a day event in Bristol that my friends and I have attended the last 2 years. It is at Eastville Park, the same place as Love Saves the Day. This year people such as Ocean Wisdom, Wilkinson, Delta Heavy, Ed Solo and Wiley played. Wiley didn’t seem to actually turn up to the festival which my boyfriend was very disappointed about. My highlight was definitely Wilkinson as we were altogether when they played and everyone knows their songs.

Saturday morning I got the train to Bristol from Bournemouth at 9:00AM where my best friends Jess and Kelsey picked me up and we went to Adams Uni house. We all had a couple of drinks at his, then got the bus to Eastville park. When Tokyo World had ended we all went back to Adams for an after party and then I drove my car back to Uni the next day.

It has been a busy couple of weeks.



A weird and wonderful 4 days: 10th – 13th August

Last week I attended Boomtown festival for the very first time with my best friend Kelsey. There has always been a lot of hype about this festival where we are from, so we thought it was about time we tried it out. The tickets were around £200 so the same price as Glastonbury but it was 100% worth the money. We set off Thursday morning at 5:00AM and drove to Hampshire. I drove with Kelsey, my friend Adam and Maddie – who left the festival on the Saturday as she was not enjoying it. We got in the queue at 8:00AM and sat on our camping chairs in the mud until they finally opened the gate at 1:00PM. Boomtown don’t normally open their gates until 12:00AM but we had to wait another hour because they were waiting for their sniff dogs. Once we were finally through that first stage we had to join another queue, where we handed in our tickets and got a wrist band. They did not start letting people through to that section until 2:30PM. After that we had to queue again, just for them to scan the barcodes on our wrist bands. By this point it was just getting ridiculous. The scanner had broke because the wifi was not working and there was no service where we were. After a while of waiting in that queue they decided to just let us in. This is when I realised the organisation at this festival was rubbish.

Kels, Maddie and I camped at Mayfair with a couple of other friends from home, but the whole festival Kelsey and I just spent together making our own fun. I can definitely say we explored the whole festival as most of the day time we spent in different sections. My favourite stage was the Lions Den because it was really relaxed and nice when to watch acts while the sun was going down. If I have to explain this festival as anything, it would be that it is full on. You do not have time to rest.

I will definitely be going back next year!

Sequences 2017 | Motion Bristol

On Saturday I went to a day event at Motion called Sequences. We got there at around 2:00PM/3:00PM after getting the bus from home to Bristol. Thankfully we missed the rain when we arrived before it completely tipped it down at around 5:00PM for the rest of the day. At the event there were 3 different stages, The Blast, Bandulu and Critical. Chase and Status DJ and Flava D were the best acts although the whole day was amazing. We all stayed in Bristol at our friends Uni home, when the boys all went back out in Bristol but us girls took over the bed.

My Outfit:


Godney Gathering 2017

On Saturday night I went to Godney Gathering with my best friends. If you have been following my blog for a while you will see that I went last year and had the best evening! This year was also great but was such a rush. I finished work at 6:00PM and went strate there, even though I was knackered, hungover and stank from the night before. Being the trooper that I am, I downed half a bottle of wine before I got there meaning I did feel a lot more relaxed.

If you didn’t know, Godney Gathering is a family festival which is taken place in Godney. This is near where I live. It is a small event where a couple of bands play, with festival food, clothes stoops and even a silent disco! It goes on all day and you can even camp, I really recommend it if you just wanted a nice day out with your friends or even your kids as it is extremely children friendly. The music turns off at midnight which is when the festival ends. From there, my friend Jess gave me a lift to another friends house where I met my boyfriend and went home. It was an earlier night than before but the next day was still a massive struggle.

Boyfriend | Glastonbury Festival 2017

I love you…

This Festival is Solly and I’s fourth Glastonbury spent together. Although the second one we were technically not together we still spent the whole time with each other. It is crazy to think how much we have changed but there is nobody I would enjoy this festival with more. He is the only person who stays out with me until the sunrises, the person who looks after me when I get into a state and probably the only person who doesn’t care how much I stink.

Glastonbury is not on until next year, so lets let the 718 day count down and to many more Summer adventures.

The Temple | Glastonbury Festival 2017

The Temple was by far my favourite place to be this festival. We spent all of Thursday night and early Friday and Saturday morning here dancing the night away. I don’t know why we have never been here before. Solly, Louis and I were in here to 6:00AM on Friday and Saturday night and each time we were with a different person. Even Kels, with a broken pelvis, was able to complete the Temple. It is basically a coliseum, where there is a DJ at the front and many people dancing around the sides. It was amazing. I seriously do not know how Kelsey done it. What a trooper.

The Best 5 Days | Glastonbury Festival 2017


Glastonbury Festival 2017

It is safe to say that this Glastonbury was the best year I have ever been. I was in the best company, the sun was shinning and I think everyone can agree that we could not of been happier. I was camping with a close group of friends, including my three best friends Kelsey, Jess and Holly and my boyfriend Solly. We camped near the top of Pennard Hill, close enough to the toilets and the night life but still far enough away. It was amazing this year as unlike last year, we were able to walk around in just socks avoiding any mud. I wore my Adidas trainers the whole time.

I don’t think I could even tell you my favourite memory of this years Glastonbury, as every single day and night was just as good as each other.  I feel as if I definitely made the most of it. Other than just being with my close friends, there were many other people around the site that I knew, like my cousins and other school friends. So it was great to spend lots of time with other people. I want every Glastonbury to be like this one, but I know that in 2 years time, a lot would of changed.

The Glastonbury comedown is real.