The Best 5 Days | Glastonbury Festival 2017


Glastonbury Festival 2017

It is safe to say that this Glastonbury was the best year I have ever been. I was in the best company, the sun was shinning and I think everyone can agree that we could not of been happier. I was camping with a close group of friends, including my three best friends Kelsey, Jess and Holly and my boyfriend Solly. We camped near the top of Pennard Hill, close enough to the toilets and the night life but still far enough away. It was amazing this year as unlike last year, we were able to walk around in just socks avoiding any mud. I wore my Adidas trainers the whole time.

I don’t think I could even tell you my favourite memory of this years Glastonbury, as every single day and night was just as good as each other.  I feel as if I definitely made the most of it. Other than just being with my close friends, there were many other people around the site that I knew, like my cousins and other school friends. So it was great to spend lots of time with other people. I want every Glastonbury to be like this one, but I know that in 2 years time, a lot would of changed.

The Glastonbury comedown is real.

My Beauty Festival Essentials

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Getting ready for Glastonbury Festival 2017

With Glastonbury Festival just around the corner, it definitely about time I started to prepare what I was going to bring. My beauty festival essentials are very simple. I wear barely any makeup due to tiredness and the magic of glitter. This year is slightly different to last year as I have learnt to look after myself and have got into a striked moisturising routine, so I know that when I am at the festival I will get irritated if my skin isn’t clean.

My first and most important beauty essentials has to be body spray and different. Anybody that has been to a festival will know that after a couple of dance in the sun, dancing away, you will smell. This year I am taking Nivea Anti – Antiperspirant Spray, Sanex invisible under arm and 2 Charlie body sprays. All these items I found in Tescos for around £2 each, so very affordable. The next item is Dry Hair Shampoo – Batiste Instant Hair Refresh. Unless you use the showers provided by Glastonbury Festival or wash you hair under the sinks, your hair will get greasy after 5 days. This dry hair shampoo has always served me well so I definitely recommend it. I then also pack femfresh and wet wipes.

I also bring some sort of lip balm as whenever I drink I always seem to get sore lips, this Nivea Lip Butter I have been using all year so I bought two new ones for the festival, both at £1 each. This Vital Moisturising cream by Trilogy I got in a BirchBox and thought it is a perfect travel size. I have only used this moisturiser a couple of times and it definitely works on my skin. It is quite thick so it will be suitable to put on in the mornings of the festival. And last but not least I will be using this Simple BB Cream. I use this in the summer time and it gives me an even foundation line while also feels great on my skin. When you are out all day you do not want to be wearing loads of makeup.

Overview of the beauty packing list:

  1. Diodrent – Sanex
  2. Under arm spray – Nivea Anti – Perspirent
  3. Body spray – Charlie
  4. Femfresh
  5. Primark wet wipes
  6. Lip butter – Nivea
  7. Moisturiser – Trilogy
  8. BB Cream – Simple

I hope this short list helps any of you while you think about what to take to the festival. Quick tip, minimise the amount of stuff you take. You do not want to be carrying in loads of equipment you will not be using.

I will speak to you all after the festival!


Love Saves The Day 2017

Sunday 28th May

Love Saves the Day this year was absolutely amazing. It was one of those events that I ended up not even being excited about as my friend couldn’t come because of her car crash. But because I was not looking forward to it, it made it 100x better. It is a friendly, two day festival at Eastville park, that My Nu Lend and Nadia Rose played at. If you live near the area or are around in Bristol on the May bank holiday I seriously recommend. The day tickets are around £35.00 and you definitely make the most of your money. After Love Saves the Day I also went too the Motion after party, but by the time it got to 3:00AM, I was absolutely dead. So my friend Adam and I got a taxi back to his UWE accommodation and I stayed at my cousins (the girl on the right on the bottom photo) as she also goes to UWE. I went to this event with my cousin Anna, her friend Laura and Anna’s boyfriend Olle. But I also had a couple of friends from home who attended. This event takes place at the same place as Tokyo World, which happens at the end of September. So if you missed Love Saves the Day, definitely by your tickets for Tokyo World.

My outfit:

Top – Pretty Little Thing

Trousers – Boohoo

Trainers – Adidas

Sunglasses – Amazon

This is the beginning of the Summer, now I just need to finish all of my college work. I am writing this post on my last day of the half term, while trying to write out everything I need to do this week. I have been really slacking on my blog but at the same time have been extremely busy this week. But I have many posts in my draft ready to go live.

Tokyo World

On Saturday I went to this one day festival in Bristol. It took place in Eastville park, the same place that Love Saves the Day was. I am not going to say much about it but this is my last event of the Summer, so here are some strange photos for you to enjoy. I hope you have all made the most of the sunshine while it has lasted as it is already beginning to feel like winter. Christmas is just around the corner.

Godney Gathering 

On Saturday 16th July, Kelsey, Holly, Jess and I went to God ey Gathering for the evening and it was so funny. We decided to get really drunk and just run around looking like loons. Even my sister and her friends were saying how hilarious we were being. I haven’t really got much to say about Godney apart from it is a good day out. All of us had work in the day so could only attend in the evening but that was enough. We made a lot of friends as you can see in the top 2 photos, I new 2 of those people from a long time ago but apart from that we have no clue who the rest are. Scouting for girls headlined and they were very entertaining, I forgot how many good songs they actually have. 

We left Godney at around 12:00 and went to Envy (our local nightclub) and stayed for 15 minuets before we decided to go pokermon hunting and barge into our friend Calebs house, where my boyfriend was and all our friends. Overall, it was a successful night. 

Fun fact: I found out the other day I actually work with the girl who runs Godney Gathering.

Nass For A Day


 On the 8th July, Holly, Kelsey, Immy and I went to Nass for the day. We were planning on staying the whole weekend but at the time couldn’t afford to pay for a weekend ticket, but one day was defiantly enough. We got to the festival at about 1:00 in the afternoon and got told by a security guard to get in the MASSIVE queue that wasn’t even moving and we ended up standing in the for an hour an a half. Until we decided to get out of the queue and walk around to the other side of it because it this point it was just a massive mosh of people and they were only letting in that side. Thank god we did move because we ten got told day tickets have a different queue, were so DUMB for even thinking that we had to stay in that queue. So yeah by this point it was about 4:00.

We got straight to the front of the main stage and stayed there through Ratboy, My Nu Leng and Andy C. Thak God we did get to the front as soon as we got there because it was amazing. 

After this we met Solly and Josh and stayed in the Warehouse until 3:00AM. A friend then came and picked us up. 

Next year I will 100% be going for the day and defiantly recommend going. I would go the whole weekend but it’s not on top of my list. It is a very dirty festival and although it was amazing, I felt like I was in a brothel. This is probably due to all the roads instead of fields as it takes place on Bath and West show grounds. Nass is very different to any other festivals I have been too, but it still was a very good day.

Glastonbury Festival 2016


I really cannot believe Glastonbury is over. This is the time of year everybody waits for all year round and it is done. This year was absolutely amazing, I camped will all my friends and it was such a good time. As my mum is friends with an Evis we do not have to queue which made Kelsey, Jess Holly and I’s time a lot easier, although it was pouring with rain the Wednesday morning, the thing I loved most about Glastonbury this year is how kind and loving we all were to each other, we were all so helpful and made sure everyone was okay at all times.

This going to sound cringe, but I have come away from Glastonbury this year feeling very uplifted and content. Listening to all the acts speeches about leaving the EU and equality within todays society were very inspirational. I have seriously come away feeling like a different person, as if I want to make the world a better place.  It has motivated me to work hard, stay loving a keep smiling.

Yes, I have come away from Glastonbury feeling very spiritual but at the same time we have all come away feeling like waste-men.


Love Saves The Day


As you will notice, I will be going back in time a little on my blog as I have lots of stuff to catch you up on. First of all, Love Saves The Day. I went to a festival at the end of May for the day and it was one of our best days ever. I went will Holly, Kelsey and George, although he left early, and we also knew a lot of people there, such as Solly (my boyfriend) and a lot of his friends. We watched Stormzy, Dizzee Rascal, Chase and Statuss DJ set and a lot more.

If anyone has ever heard of this day festival I defiantly recommend attending next year, even if it is just for the day. It is only a 2 day festival, you do not stay over night on the site, but the event takes place in Bristol. So people either find a lift home or get a hotel over night. People who attend both nights often get a hotel. There is also a motion after party that takes place when the festival ends at around 11:30. There is a main stage and other little dance tents that we spent most of our day in. It was also nice to go somewhere different with a different group of people.