happy new year šŸŽ†


Hello everybody, its 2019!! (Actually we are 3 days into 2019.) To celebrate on New Years Eve my close friends and I went to a Razzle Dazzle party at Bocabar in Glastonbury. What was so amazing is that not only were my close friends from home their, but my two house mates Ellie and Maddi also came with their friends. The only other people I needed their to celebrate were Katie (who lives ages away) and Kelsey (who is celebrating New Years in Tenerife with her boyfriend.) We celebrated New Years at Bocabar last year and it has never disappointed, it is the best local way to enter the New Year with my best friends!

Sorry this post is late, I have been very busy trying to organise all my University work and just my life in general. Today I woke up and went to a bootcamp at my local gym with my mum. I am now going to spend the day doing Uni work and detoxing. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, lets make it a good one!

just keep going

My cute new top from ASOS, I love tie front tops at the moment. This one is extremely summery but the sleeves are quite tight. If anything I would get it a size bigger like the model on ASOS.Ā 

A Glastonbury lunch with my lovely friend Chloe, we always save some time for a catch up whether that is food, a coffee or even a gym session. She is a big fitnessĀ freak and a huge inspiration, you should follow her instagram!


A pint in Weston Super – Mere after a quick sun bed. I have only ever had 2 sun beds and that was just before Boomtown because I wanted to look tanned, I would never get them on a regular. My friend Chloe here loves them!! (this is a different Chloe)

Boomtown in the rain with my bestie. I love this photo I find it so funny that we are absolutely soaked but still having the time of our lives. P.s. I lost this pink jumper on the Saturday night šŸ˜¦ heartbreaking!!

A Prezzo lunch to celebrate my sisters A – Level results, A*AA – how amazing!! Alice and my brother Jack are both off to University this year, Birmingham and Exeter.

My brother coming home for the weekend after his 1st week out of 4 of his pre season rugby training in Exeter.Ā 

A quick trip to the garden centre with my mum, trying to get University room inspiration. I want to cover the whole room in picture, pretty colours and lots of plants! But how do I do that on a budget?

I am not going to lie but at the moment I am extremely bored. Being home for such a long time with not many shifts at work is becoming very hard haha! I am the type of person who needs to be busy all the time. And when all my friends and boyfriend work Monday – Friday and I work weekends it is pretty hard to fill up my days. Yes I am writing lots of blog posts, going to crossfit and catching up with friends but I am also so ready to get back to University. I want routine, I want to get a part time job and I want to get back to being busy 24/7.

But today is my last shift before spending bank holiday weekend with everybody. I then only have 1 week before we all jet off to Malaga!! I have an exciting month and I cannot wait!!

When is everyone else heading back to Uni?

Thermae Bath Spa, Prezzo Dinner & Bank Holiday Weekend

The amazing Pret A Manger I had before going into the Spa. It was anĀ avocado &Ā falafel flat bread, I recommend.
SpagettiĀ CarbonaraĀ from Prezzo, amazing as always. I promise Solly and I don’t spend all of our time together eating!

When Solly and I stayed in Bath for a couple of days after our trip to Dublin got cancelled, we bought an evening at Thermae Bath Spa off one of our friends. We thought as we were staying in Bath for two nights, visiting one of Baths biggest attractions will be a lot of fun, although we have been there before. But due to the snow, we were not able to use our pass and it is only valid from Monday – Friday. Solly works every Monday – Friday so finding a day to visit is hard, but spending the evening on bank holiday weekend there was extremely relaxing. After boozing and working through the weekend, being able to relax in a spa with my boyfriend was a perfect way to end his four day weekend, especially when we do not get a lot of time to spend together.

At Thermae Spa you are not actually allowed your phone when you are out of the changing room as the company wants to keep it a secret for new customers, but I sneakily took a coupleĀ whilst Solly and I were sat on the balcony.Ā 

Unfortunately in the end Solly and I were not able to get food at the Spa as it was so busy on the bank holiday Monday, so after we went to Prezzo in Bath. I have never been to this Prezzo but it was amazing and the interior was incredible. I love Bath just because of the old, fashioned styled buildings. Prezzo was very dark and romantic, the whole restaurant was basically lit just by candle light. This was a lush way to end bank holiday.

Just like most of you I spent my bank holiday weekend out with all my friends and having to work. Working in a pub/restaurant when everyone is off work can be very busy but I did not mind, it meant that I appreciated the time I was able to spend with everybody. On Friday night after work I went to Bocabar in Glastonbury where they often have small events. This is just next to where I live and is always a lot of fun.

What did you guys get up too on your bank holiday weekend?