Day out in Exeter | Exeter University & Mill on the Exe

I woke up, went to a spinning class and then got ready to visit Exeter with my brother and Mum


Thursday 5th April

On Thursday I decided to join my mum and brother as they visited Exeter University as it is where my brother is going to be going in September. Instead on just driving for an hour to look around the Uni we thought we would make a day of it, so we stopped for lunch at Mill on the Exe. Mum recommended going to the pub grub restaurant as it is in a beautiful setting and right next to the University. I got battered halloumi chips which were amazing but way too much for a lunch. I thought it was a good idea as I hadn’t eaten anything all day but by the end I was absolutely stuffed and needed to walk it off.

Whilst walking around Exeter University campus we were able to visit my mum and dads wedding reception. It had a huge garden and loads of steps. The whole of Exeter University is extremely hilly but very nice, my brother loved it. Exeter is the best place for him to be as he is so into his rugby and supports Exeter Chiefs. Jack and my Dad are big fans!

I wore my checkered trousers from New Look and a long sleeved, black crop top, again from New Look. I then topped it off with a leather jacked from Primark and my Pink Suede Nike Air Force.

Do any of you study at Exeter University?


Because my Dad lives in Saudi Arabia, I have been given some amazing opportunities. A few years ago when I was in secondary school, my parents decided to take us to Jeddah when we would visit. Jeddah is an incredible place to scuba dive, so my brother, sister and I worked toward getting our PADI, to become an open water diver. I thought it would be a good idea to share with my followers some of these incredible pictures that were taken under the water, one time we even saw a shark below us!

We stayed in a beautiful resort on the cost of the Red Sea called Sheraton Red Sea Resort Tranquility. 

How incredible are these photos? If you want to know anymore about the scuba diving course, comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

turtle bay, Italian & a blizzard


How beautiful was the snow? I can not believe that right at the beginning of March our gardens were covered in snow. When the snow hit Somerset I was driving up for two nights in Bath. Because of the snow a lot of places in Bath were shut. On Thursday night we went out for an Italian dinner which was just around the corner from the Hilton Bath City Hotel, called Antica Restaurant. We got there at 8:00PM and as soon as we walked in they said they would shut soon because of the snow, the whole of Bath was a ghost town.

On Friday, we got up early for breakfast and then chilled in the room. Our plan was to go to Bath Spa in the evening so we had a relaxing day and went out for a big lunch at Giraffe. I got the nicest beef burrito, would highly recommend. Stupidly before we walked down to the spa we didn’t check to see if it was open (and it was shut.) So that evening we went to Turtle Bay for a couple of cocktails and then had some snacks at the bar in the hotel. Everywhere was so dead due to the weather!

Im sure you can all tell that I never see snow that much, haha!

snowy getaway in bath


If you read one of my last blog posts you would of seen that my boyfriend and I were meant to take a 3 day trip to Dublin. We arrived to the airport earlyWednesday morning for our flight that was meant to take off at 8:05AM. After 6 hours of sitting on our phones, drinking coffee and spending a ridiculous amount of money of food the flight finally got cancelled because of the crazy drop in temperature and flood of snow.

Solly and I left the airport at 1:00PM and decided that instead we will just spend two nights in Bath because Sol never gets time off work so we had to do something.

Hilton Bath City Hotel

Review – Hilton Bath City Hotel is a great hotel with great customer service. The rooms were spacious with a bath, TV and free tea or coffee. The view out of the window was stunning, especially when Bath is covered in snow. They have a full english buffet for breakfast which is a big bonus, although on a weekday they stop serving breakfast at 9:30AM. I would highly recommend staying in this hotel, it is centred right in the middle of Bath by the river, so it is just a 2 minute walk from all the shops.

For two nights we stayed at the Hilton Bath Hotel. We drove up early Thursday afternoon while the snow was coming down heavy. Luckily by the time we got there it hadn’t set yet, so it wasn’t too slippery.

After the snow had set a lot of places were shut so we did find it hard to occupy are time, but it was nice just to relax. Bath spa was shut, the shops and a lot of the restaurants and bars shut early in the evenings. But having two nights away from home was very nice. We came back Saturday afternoon when the snow had turned into slosh. We did a bit of shopping in the morning (well Solly did) and got home just after lunch time. When Solly and I go away together it is very hard to not spend all our money on food.



In the Summer, as you would of seen on my blog previously, Alice, my mum and I spent 3 nights in sunny Barcelona. I was going through old photos on my phone and found a few that I never shared with you, I really need to give credit to my sister. Little 3 day holidays are my favourite, you make the most out of the time that you have. After visiting Barcelona it has definitely become a place I could see my self living in the future, whether that is for a year or just a couple of weeks, I love the Spanish lifestyle. The late starts and the late finishes, everyone sat in the sun drinking coffee and wearing pretty dresses. I could not think of a more relaxed place to live.

My boyfriend and I have just booked a 2 night holiday in Dublin next week. I am not too sure what there is in Dublin to do so if you have any suggestions on how we should fill our days please comment down bellow, I will be very grateful. Solly never gets much time off work so this is a rarity and I am very excited!

Our last evening in Puerto De La Cruz


Unfortunately Sol is the worst at taking photos.img_2194

Restaurante Rustico 

Looking back through pictures of Solly and I’s holiday to Tenerife. This was our last night before an early morning flight home. We ate at a small restaurant right by the ocean, where u are able to look out over Puerto De La Cruz while the waves were crashing against the stone walls. Unfortunately Solly got quite ill due to the amount of the unhealthy food we had been eating all week. So we ended up having a quick drink at he hotel before we went to bed.

We got garlic mushrooms to start, then I had tortellini and Sol had a stake.

Currently all my family has gone to visit my Dad in Saudi Arabia for the whole week, while I am stuck at University doing work. I am desperate for a bit of sun, I’m bored of the cold already!

Siam Water Park | Tenerife


Tuesday 5th September

Going to Siam Park was Solly’s highlight of our whole holiday. He pre – booked the tickets and even got fast track! If you are ever in Tenerife you must go to this water park, whether you enjoy going down slides or not it will definitely be an amazing day out. The scenery is incredible and so is the atmosphere.