Where to stay and what to visit – Florida Edition


A guide to my 2 weeks in Florida last Summer – 2016

In Summer 2016, my family and I went to Florida for 2 weeks. If you followed my blog back then, which to be honest nobody really did, you will see that we did a lot of exciting stuff. So I thought I will do this post as it is coming into the Summer, to tell people who may be visiting this Summer, what to do and where to stay. This post is basically going to be a guide telling you everything I did and every hotel I stayed in for the whole 2 weeks.

DAY 1 – We flew into Miami’s International airport and picked up our hire car. We drove img_1778Chrysler Town and Country car the whole time we were in Florida, as we did a lot of travelling around. We stayed in the West in Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort for two nights. This hotel is amazing, it is in a lovely location, with easy access to restaurants and the beach.

DAY 2 – While we were here we spent pretty much all of the time on the beach and in the evening explored on the streets. While in America you HAVE to buy a huge burger and drink out of a coconut, it is tradition.

DAY 3 – On day 3, we drove to Orlando and stopped at a couple of beaches on the way. Every beach in America is very scenic. We drove to the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, which I can not praise enough. There is not much to do outside of the hotel, but the inside is very clever. There are a couple of different pools and is covered in greenery, which I love!

img_2403DAY 4 – On the first full day in Orlando we were lucky enough to visit NASA Space station and watch a real rocket take off into space. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we were so lucky that it fell onto the same day we were visiting.

DAY 5 – This is a MUST while in Orlando, we went too Universal Studios. There are two parts of this theme park, and on the first day we explored the nicer side, that is the Universal Studios. It was INCREDIBLE. As soon as you enter the theme park, it is as if you are in a different world.

DAY 6 – On this day we explore the Island of Adventures. I preferred this side of the theme park as the rides were a lot more exciting. My favourite part of the park is the Harry Potter theme, it genuinely feels like you are at Hogwarts and the ride is the best in the park.

DAY 7 – After 3 nights at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, we left and drove to Indian Rocks. Here we stayed in a family apartment for 6 nights.img_2126 The apartment was very basic, with a simple beach theme and a stair case that leads straight to Indian Rocks Beach.

While staying at Indian Rocks we spent everyday sunbathing. We visited Clearwater beach in Indian Rocks one evening, and this was the first white beach I have ever been too. One day we hired out paddle boat and another day we went parasailing.

img_2622DAY 13 – On the 13th day of being in Indian Rocks, we travelled to Naples. The hotel we stayed at in Naples was my absolute favourite. It was called Naples Grand Beach Resort and it was definitely grand. You are able to get a tram from the hotel to the beach, through a gorgeous woods.

DAY 14 – This was our last day in Florida and we spent it at this hotel sunbathing. I can not tell you how tanned I was by the end of this trip. Later on in the evening we flew home over night from Miami International airport.

This was by far the best trip I have ever been on and I am so grateful for the opportunity. I hope me writing everything I did on this trip can help other people when planning a holiday to Florida. If you have any questions or want anymore detail about the information I have given, comment below!

Zugspitze Mountain

On the 3rd day skiing, we decided to be a bit adventurous and try out a different mountain. On this day, in the Garmisch village the weather was absolutely miserable, then as soon as we got on the squashed, unsafe gondolier up the mountains it was clear blue sky. The snow was so white for miles and miles, so much that the sun was reflected off of it and blinding us. As you can see in the photos the views were absolutely stunning. This was the day that my Dad fractured his ankle.

Valentines Day on the slopes

Happy Valentines Day! Today was the fourth day of skiing and we only skied for half the day. We are all starting to get a bit tired as we are spending the whole day up the mountain. Dad did not come skiing with us today and spent the whole afternoon in hospital. Yesterday he fell over whilest going down a slope and today found out that he is broken his angle. What a crap way to end the holiday. Tomorrow is our last day in Germany and again, we are only going to go up the mountain for half the day. 4 hours skiing is enough. Today we were all very adventurous and tried many different slopes, as you can see in the pictures we went right to the top of the mountain. All the views are so amazing that they don’t look real, they look like a photoshopped picture on a postcard. 

Skiing in Garmisch

Today was our first full day skiing which was very entertaining as by the time it got to the end we all got very tired and started falling over. At the end of the day we skied a different route down to the bottom of the mountain. It started off really well as it was a lovely track with beautiful scenery and then it just became very difficult as it got so icy. Tomorrow we are going to a completely different resort that we have never been too, so it’ll be fun going down new slopes. 

Arriving in Munich

This is the 4th time my family and I have been skiing in Germany. We arrived Friday night and went for our first day skinning today. We were only able to have a half day because it was so busy. I think we all forgot that it was the weekend and was full of proffecionals and little children. We always ski at resort called Hausberg,which is in Garmish where we are staying, but this year we are adventuring out to other resorts that are connected together on the mountain.

We are staying for 6 nights in a flat on St Martin road. It has 3 floors, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It also has 2 televisions with a lounge and a kitchen. It is a lot bigger than we were expecting it to be. 

So far we have only been skiing for one half day, which is why I haven’t been able to take many photos. Alice, Jack and I (my sister and brother) skiied to the bottom of the mountain at around 3:30PM, and then cpgot the gondolier back all the way to the top to meet mum and dad at the café/Resturant. As we were sat eating our chips and German sausages, we didn’t realise that all the gondoliers shut at 4:15, so them all had to ski to the bottom again. It was so nice as there was nobody else on the slope but I was absolutely knackered by the end. This evening we went to an Irish pub for a beer and to watch England play rugby. For tea we got massive pizzas and now I am about to pass out in bed. 



Realise what you have!

In May 2015 I visited a beautiful country called Oman. Looking back through these photos really makes me see that I do not appreciate what I have. I mean, look at how gorgeous the scenery in Oman is and I have only just realised how amazing it was now. Live in the moment, because it the future you will regret spending all your time on your phone or with your head being somewhere else when the opportunities have passed.

Saudi Arabia


6 days visiting Dad!

As many of you don’t know, my Dad lives in Saudi Arabia working with Rolls – Royce. We do still see him a lot as he comes home for meetings and for some special occasions. This will have been my 5th time out to visit and probably my last as when I turn 19 (which is in March) my flights won’t be payed for anymore as I will officially be an adult. I do love visiting my Dad as it is nice to see him and get some sun. But I also hate it as Saudi is a very feminist and strict county.

My Dad lives on an English compound so when we stay we are allowed to do anything we want really. We spend most the day at the pool sunbathing, go for meals at the hotel, go to the gym, go shopping and just relax. Alice, Mum and I also went to the spa for a morning but as we weren’t there that long we weren’t able to due much. It was very nice to be away from everyone and everything for a little bit.

7 Nights at Indian Rocks

For the last week in America we stayed in Indian Rocks. We had our own villa/apartment right next to the beach and catered for ourselves. It was a very nice venue, very open and a friendly environment. We were expecting the beach to be empty but as the week went on more people were going and it seemed to be at very early in the morning. Just down the beach was Clearwater and this is where it was a lot more active and crowded. It is nice to go there for a day/night as it is a very active environment. There were bouncy castles, events and people were even singing and getting people who were watching involved.

Most days we just relaxed on the beach or by the pool, but on some days we did activities such as padding boarding, parasailing and even hired a boat for the day, as you may of read about already.

It was really nice to be in a small building instead of staying in a big, posh hotel that is full of loads of people. As much as I love being around lots of people in an up beat environment it was nice to just chill, with just the family as we did a lot of travelling the first week.


On our last day staying in Indian Rocks we decided to go parasailing. We kept seeing other people on the beach doing this activity and everyone said it is amazing. Alice, Jack and I thought it was going to be thrilling and jumping but actually it’s is very slow and calm. We sat floating in the sky having a nice conversation.