my uni room revamp

On the clear desk by my window I keep all my books, diary and other Uni bits and bobs. I keep my Sonic Bomb and I have a mini table where I keep lots of pretty flowers. These are actually all from Lidl.

This Ivy is from Haskins Garden centre which is also where I got the plant pot that it goes in. This stands on top of my Alexa Chung book, where I keep my JBL speaker and a cute little pumpkin from Lidl. The cactuses are from Ikea and my incense is from Glastonbury high street. On the end of this shelf I keep my nice perfume. Underneath is an electric fire place which actually doesn’t work, ahah!

Around the top of this wall opposite my window, I have stuck up all my disposable photographs that go years back. On the left is my full body mirror which is from the Range, my frame is also from the Range. The aloe vera is from Haskins garden centre and I love it! The cute little mirror I got from Asos and next to it I keep my lavender and coconut spray from Holland and Barrett. 

In the corner of my bedroom is my double bed where on the sign I hang a Moroccan style spread which adds to the room completely. All my pillows and the blanket are from the Range.

Since coming back to University after Christmas I have completely redone my bedroom. I wanted to make it a lot more cosier so that I actually want to hang out in there rather than always in the kitchen. After adding lots of little bits I have made it a lot more comfortable and I absolutely love it.

This was after all the help of my lovely mother! 🤩

beach, burgers & a sinking pedalo

I don’t want this Summer to end

 I don’t think I will ever be finished with uploading photographs from Malaga. I took 4 cameras and filled them all but I got some goldies. These are from our last day which we spent in Fuengirola. Our flight was not until the evening and we had to be out of the villa at 10, so we all spent the day on the beach – it was one of my favourite days. Most of our time in Malaga we spent at the villa, which was amazing, but it was so nice to adventure out and spend the day in a different location. We had came to Fuengirola one evening before, so we thought that going back there would be the best idea as then we would know what we are doing.

A couple of us took a pedalo out to sea which was so much fun. I love doing things like this rather than just sitting at the beach.

I do not think I am ready to let go of the Summer. England is freezing cold at the moment, waking up for my 9ams are a struggle!! Jumper weather has come round so quickly, we are now in October – Christmas is coming!!

chapter 10

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My disposables are finally back from Boomtown, bits from London and New Forest camping with Solly. I am so excited to share these photos because I am so happy with how they came out. Disposable cameras are so much fun because you take a photo and completely forget you have even taken it before you get them printed out. Boomtown was so much fun this year, my friends and I had such a good time.

I am going to put all my disposable pictures up in my University room and surround them in loads of plants. Uni is coming round so quickly and I want to make my new house my home, so I am going to put a lot of effort into making it look really nice. Exciting!!