keeping my skin clear through freshers

My house mates ❤

As everybody knows, freshers is filled with non stop drinking and eating crap, but I was determined to not let that effect my skin as it has been extremely clear over the Summer. As the temperature has dropped, my legs and arms have become very dry, so I have been moisturising near enough everyday after my shower. This is also to try my best to keep my tan!

Say goodbye to dry skin & hair this time of year



Neutrogena – Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating

At the moment I am using my favourite blackhead eliminator to exfoliate my skin. When I am drinking a lot of alcohol my skin breaks out in spots due to the amount of sugar and lack of water.


L’oreal Paris – Age perfect Micellar Water

This toner does not just keep your skin hydrated by removes your make up easily after a night out. It cleanses your skin, keeping it feeling smooth and hydrated. I prefer to use this than ordinary make up remover.


I know the weather in England has not been great over the past couple of weeks, but when the sun is out always try to make the most of it. Although it is cold, sunshine is so good for your skin. It will keep it clear and bronzed due to it triggering the synthesis of vitamin D in your body and causes the cells to travel to the outer layers. This means that the skin is able to protect and repair your skin.


When I am at University I find it such a challenge to fill my body with water, I don’t know why? Maybe its because I don’t like the tap water or spending money on it but my new trick it to put a filled up bottle of water into the fridge over night so it is ready for me to take to Uni in the morning. Water is so important, especially for your skin and body throughout freshers.


GREEN TEA is my new trick, it gives your skin a special glow and keeps you from getting ill throughout freshers. I try to have a big mug of green tea before I go to bed to settle my body. It is the healthiest drink on the planet as it is filled with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on your body. It is not just good for your skin but good for fat loss, the function of the brain and will improve health benefits.

I hope you have all had a fun freshers and are ready to get stuck into University, Freshers flu is a killer and if I am honest I don’t know why they call it freshers flu, once you have it you will have it for the whole year. Happy Tuesday!!

Say goodbye to dry skin & hair this time of year


Recently I have been suffering with extremely dry legs. I have always had this problem ever since I was younger. One time when I was around 9/10 I did a gymnastics competition and I was so embarrassed about how dry my legs were that I went into the toilets and covered them in soap. I can not describe to you how much they stung, I sat in the audience crying my eyes out before I had to perform my routine.

I have always been a fan of garnier products as they have always worked wonders, so I thought I would give the lotion a try.

As soon as I applied this oil onto my legs, my dry skin disappeared, it was like magic. I couldn’t believe it haha, I have finally found a product that gets rid of my extra dry skin just like that. My skin has not gone anywhere near back to how bad it was before. I seriously recommend this product, especially as the sun is finally coming out.


My whole life I have never thought that it was important to look after my hair as I am extremely lucky to have healthy hair without any treatment. This is mainly because I have never been one to use straighteners, curlers or any hot products on my hair. For Christmas my boyfriends Mum gave this product to me and I have only recently started using it. It is only now that I have started to realise the difference in the quality of my hair.

Moroccan oil is often known as argan oil and is a very popular hair treatment for certainly dry hair, which has been my main problem, especially at the ends. It has been created to prevent split ends, control frizzy hair, gets rid of shiny hair, repairs damaged hair and can also be used to style hair.

I always try and apply this product after I have had a shower to not wet, but slightly damp hair. I feel like this is when it is the most effective as if I applied it when it was try it would automatically make my hair greasy.