What I have loved this month: July



This is my favourite outfit this month. It is so easy especially through this heatwave. When I was in London getting on the tube to work was an absolute nightmare, but when I started to wear my TopShop dresses like this one I felt so much better. The material is very light which makes me want to wear it every day. I never thought orange would be my colour because I have very blonde hair, but after I wore it for the first time I literally fell in love.

Never been to Notting Hill

Summer dresses have been my thing this year, I love pretty things. Boho, girly but I also love the retro, festival style. I can’t wait to share with you all my Boomtown outfits.


This month I have been reading SweetBitter which is a novel by Stephanie Danler. I am not that far into it yet but it is a book that I have seen advertised everywhere, especially in America. It is about a young girl who moves to New York to start her new career but goes down the wrong path by hanging out with the crowd and getting involved with the wrong things. So far I am loving but I do find it hard to find time to read books. Since being in London it has been something that I definitely want to get into as it does increase your worldly knowledge and your ability to read and write. Especially as I am doing a course based slightly on English Literature.

I bought this book from Amazon and I do recommend it as the perfect Summer time read. It is very different to anything I have read before. It has now become a major television show in America which I will start watching once I have finished the book.


This has been my favourite beauty product for a while. As you can probably tell from my blog I am not massively into make up. I don’t buy expensive make up, I don’t wear lots of make up, I am just not passionate about it. Don’t get me wrong, before I am going on a night out I like to use my Morphe or Naked eye shadow pallets but on a day to day business it just is not my thing. I am way more into skincare and making my skin glow, as you can probably see.

But saying that, I have recently been LOVING this M.A.C highlighter. If there is any make up I wear it is BB cream, mascara and highlighter. This product just makes your skin glow incredibly, without giving it an obvious line across your face. It is very suttle and very thin, making it pretty easy to use and you don’t need much of it. It is the perfect Summer make up product.

This one is called Soft and Gentle – you can check it out through this link!


As you all know I have been in London the past 3 weeks so it is very hard for me to pick a favourite place as London as a whole is amazing. But if I had to pick one place it would probably be Covent Garden (or Hyde Park in the Summer)! Covent Garden is the perfect place to go and hang out after work, there is music playing, lots of fancy shops and just a good atmosphere. I was lucky enough to be working just a 20 minute walk from Oxford Street and Covent Garden so I found it extremely hard to not go shopping after work – I think this is how I spent so much money, aha!

July has been a very exciting month for me, a lot of new doors have opened and it has inspired me to do a lot more stuff with my time. Travelling, days out and not just sitting about wasting my days. Life is too short and I would hate to look back in the future and think what if. Make the most of everything. 

Never been to Notting Hill

Dress – TopShop 

This is literally my favourite dress at the moment, it was a very spontaneous buy and different to what I would normally wear as I don’t think I have ever owned anything orange because of my blonde hair. But it works so I would recommend!!

Saturday 21st July

On Saturday my best friend Katie – KT – from University came to visit me in London. She only lives in Gatwick so it is not far for her so she had to come to London for the day while I was here!

I decided we should go to Notting Hill as neither of us had been there before and I heard it is a very funky place. When we got off the underground at Notting Hill station we were so confused. I kind of assumed that when we got there the market would be on our doorstep but I was completely wrong. We found a farmers market and I just assumed that this is all there was, so we stopped at had an early lunch at Zizzis – not very adventurous of us.

We were sat there for quite a long time because we had sooooooo much to catch up on. You have probably seen KT on my blog before on my blog but she is my flat mate from University and we had not seen each other for around 2 months. Going from seeing each other to not seeing each other at all meant we had too much to talk about, but you will definitely be seeing more of her on here very soon.

Before we were about to get the Underground to Chelsea to go ‘Made in Chelsea’ star spotting, I suggested that we just walk a bit further past the station and see what we find. LUCKILY, us venturing out meant we found the huge market and it was so much fun. As you can see from the pictures Notting Hill is filled with flowers, colour and pretty houses.

After walking right to the end of the market (there are a lot of stores) we thought it was best to start making our way to a station to get to Chelsea. Little did we know… that a lot of the stations shut between 2:00PM – 5:30PM on a Saturday and a Sunday to stop traffic – LONDONERS PLEASE TAKE THIS IN!! So after walking miles, we just decided to get a bus to Camden. By the time we had settled down it was time for KT to go back home 😦

Sorry I have been a bit MIA, been super busy trying to make the most of my time in London with friends, my cousins and just making sure I explore!

My tips for body confidence – How I make myself feel more confident


Dress – TopShop (you will be seeing a lot more of this dress it is amazing)


In this post I want to talk about body confidence. This has been a big subject for me since a young age, I have never felt completely comfortable in my skin. Especially as I am surrounded by beautiful, skinny friends, which is not a bad thing they are all stunning, but obviously it can be daunting on you confidence in any type of way. I have always felt the biggest. I was always the tallest in my year, big boobs, big bum, big belly. But since making a few simple changes over the past few years (especially recently) I have gained a whole lot of self worth and appreciation for my body.


This is my biggest pointer to when gaining a lot more body confidence. You don’t want to be like all these girls on social media because lets face it, it is not real life. How many times have you pretending to laugh or overly editing a photograph? Because believe me, we all do the same. You have got to learn to love yourself for who you are. There will always be someone who is ‘seemingly’ better than you! What you see as a ‘good body’ other people might not, everyone is different and everybody is special. Who knows, to somebody else, your body may be perfect.

“The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel”


A lot of people forget that confidence comes with well being.Getting enough rest, eating the right foods and exercising is very important. Move more, eat better, not less, drink more water and sleep more. Stress is also very bad for your body, taking time out of work to do what you love and destress yourself will automatically make yourself feel more confident. Stress is a big one for me, because I can be a massive stress head, but when I come to realise that stress will get me know where it will automatically make me happier.


We as humans, often focus on what we hate about ourselves rather than what we love, causing us to beat ourselves down but we do not give our bodies enough credit. The things that we will want to change about ourselves others would die for and same the other way round. Are we just being critical and putting ourselves under to much pressure to look a certain way? It is very easy for our mind to play tricks on us but as soon as you realise, you will feel a lot more positive about your body.


Nothing will make you feel more confident that having a perfect tan and hydrating skin. First of all obviously drink more water. Water is the most natural way to clear your skin. Secondly, use your favourite body moisture and apply it every morning. I get so much more confidence when my body is glowing. Thirdly, I use Bondi Sands – Dark, to keep my skin in the Summer season all year round. Honestly, when I apply fake tan to my skin I feel so much more body confident. I don’t know whether it is just me, but I instantly feel more toned and glowing.


When I am feeling run down, the way for me to boost my confidence is to hit the gym. I have got extremely into CrossFit recently and it is making me feel super confident. It makes me super relaxed and energetic, I think this is my top tip to being body confident.