“This is your Sunday reminder that you can handle anything that gets thrown at you this week”

I drove back to Bournemouth on this sunny Sunday to go straight over to my friends accommodation and make a roast. What a great way to end a weekend and to prepare for a week of stress before our exam on Friday. Nothing beats a home cooked roasts, especially by my friend Tia the domestic goddess.


The Inferno – Bournemouth


I had just finished my last presentation of the year, the sun was shining, so Katie and I thought it would be a nice idea to go for food and a cold drink before I got the sweaty train back home for the rest of the week. Katie is my flatmate and best friend!

I have decided to spend the rest of the week at home because I thought I would find it a lot easier to revise for my exam next Friday and I was missing Solly. I also was starting to feel really unfit so while I am home I can get back into CrossFit.

The Inferno is a cute little pub right next to my accommodation which I have been to for drink but not food. The outside is right on the street, with fake grass on the floor and colourful furniture. I wish I had discovered it early because it is so cute for the Summer days and is extremely cheap.





img_8423img_84282018-05-13 02:36:33.957

Recently everybody has been extremely stressed about it being exam season, so the girls and I thought we would have one last big night out before we really settle down. Also my friend Ellie goes to AUB and completely finished first year on Monday. We decided to go and watch Chase & Status DJ set in Switch Southampton where none of us have ever been before.

Outfit is all

Chase & Status were a bit disappointing but it was a really good night, apart from getting stranded in Southampton until 6AM where we finally decided to just pay for a taxi home, rather than wait until 8:30AM for the first train.

Now it is time to settle down before LOVE SAVES THE DAY and the beginning of the Summer. I officially finish my first year on University next Friday!

Funky Friends, Taco Bell & how to avoid getting run down over exam stress

Monday night at a liquid DnB night at the Bomo Bunker in Bournemouth

Taco Tuesdays with Katie – Taco Bell has just opened in Bournemouth, it is cheap and tasty. 


1. Take regular breaks and schedule in fun things to look forward to – Even when you have an intense exam timetable you always have time for a little break, whether that is 20 minutes or even half a day. Having something to look forward to will motivate you to work your hardest.

2. Get a good nights sleep – Get into bed, watch a nice film and have an early night. Sleeping is a priority, you shouldn’t be up all hours of the night revising. Having an early night will mean an early morning, meaning you will get a lot more done the next day.

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion”

3. Keep everything in perspective – Exams are important, yes… But you are more important.

4. Avoid getting stressed out about other people – Try to reduce or avoid any sort of exposure to the person who may be causing you stress, limit your time on social media and realise that other peoples problems are not your problem.

5. Make lists – I have always been a list person, I write lists and then don’t even look at them again. Just getting everything in your head down on paper will reduce your stress and will show you how much you need to do. Just the act of feeling like you are in control with help with your revision.




This week has been very exciting. THE SUN IS FINALLY OUT. They have been saying all week, ‘there with be a heat wave, there will be a heat wave,’ but since being back in Bournemouth the weather has not been warm. I went to University Tuesday in a leather jacket and I was freezing. Wednesday I woke up and went to a one hour lecture which I had at 10:00AM, got back at 11:00Am and cleaned my room. For some reason it is already an absolute tip after 2 days.


In the afternoon I went for lunch at Zizzis in the centre of Bournemouth as it is my friends 19th birthday. The weather is way to nice, it was hard to not go to the beach before going out in Bournemouth for her birthday.

img_78462018-04-19 19:53:58.354img_7851img_7871img_7869

On Thursday I spent the whole day at the beach. I was so busy I completely forgot to eat the whole day! I don’t know why. We were there until 8/9PM and it felt as if we were on a girls holiday.

We spent the whole day at the beach on Friday as well, I was even in my bikini haha. We walked down at around 11:00AM before I had to drive home as my friend is getting married this weekend!! (I am only going to the reception.) On the Friday evening Solly and I watched Cocacobanna in Strode Theatre as his sister was performing. All round I have had a fun filled week.

I am now ready for England to pour down with rain so I can get some Uni work done, haha!

Easter Holidays | 5 ways to stay motivated/inspired


Over the past 3 weeks I have really been trying to better myself. I have been getting up early, going to the gym, eating well and concentrating on my degree. I only have 6 weeks until my exam! STRESS!

Over the past month of University I went into a hole and was not being the best version of myself. Giving myself some time out has really helped me prioritise what is important. I want to stay motivated and inspired. This degree isn’t going to pass itself and this summer body is not going to build on its own. It is all down to me.

I have come up with a couple of pointers that will hopefully help you into a positive mindset.

Brunch with Solly at Kiver Court, Shepton Mallet


Comparing yourselves to other people is a extremely de – motivating. I have struggled with this my whole life. Having gorgeous friends, social media and not feeling good enough. It has only taken me until now to realise that this is not good for me. Comparison will put all your focus on the wrong person and can take control of your life. A bit of competition is healthy but why should you waste your energy, concentrating on other peoples lives rather than your own.

Celebrate somebodies achievements, rather than be envious. Comparing your beginning to someone else middle or even end, will prevent you from truly enjoying your own success and achievements (Alexandra Coppadge.)

Yes, I know this is easier said than done but you have got to stay in your own lane and focus on your goals. Keep these people as an inspiration plus, the way social media portrays somebodies life may not always be real. I can promise you that the girl you think has a perfect life on instagram has stuff going on behind closed doors. Everybody does! You’re not alone.

“Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourselves to others”


I am a huge believer in the fact that making lists will help you achieve your goals. A lot of the time I will wake up in the morning and completely forget everything I wanted to accomplish that day. Writing a list will motivate you to get things done, especially when you can tick it off at the end of the day. You will have a feeling of relief and accomplishment.

Writing lists will help you priorities and this is something I find extremely difficult. Juggling my degree, fitness, blog, boyfriend and social life can be difficult sometimes. When I don’t prioritise i end up getting nothing done and regretting it by the end of the day. Obviously at my age socialising seems to be my top priority, but since being at University I have realised what is important.

Dinner at FireHouse, Curry Rivel with my primary school friends which I haven’t caught up with in a year


My biggest battle with motivation has to be my mobile. For some reason, sitting at my desk scrolling through Instagram is a lot more important than getting any of my work done. So obviously, to stay motivated you have to remove this distraction. TURN IT OFF.


I am lucky enough to have the best group of friends around me and I know how much it can inspire me. Being able to have some time out to smile and laugh rather than be stressed about what your friends is very important. Do not surround yourself with people who bring you down.

 “Notice the people who are happy for you happiness and sad for your sadness”

I really do believe that surrounding yourself with positive people will inspire and motivate you. People who share your excitement when you are doing well, people with goals, dreams and are open minded and the best kind of friends. If someone does not support you, you have to question yourself if they are really a friend.

“You are responsible for your own happiness”



I have officially completed my 2nd semester at University and what a crazy one it has been. Over the past 3 months I have definitely settled in and found my place in Bournemouth, I couldn’t be happier.

Lets go back to January. When I went back to Bournemouth after having 3 months of for Christmas I found it really difficult. I was missing home, my boyfriend and did not feel settled in my flat or the people around me, although they are my closest friends. After spending so much time with the people I have known for years over the Christmas period, going back to people I have only know for less that 6 months after being apart was a challenge. I was unmotivated to make an effort, with University and to even go out. At the end of January I had another week off, something like a reading week, where again I spent it at home.

Being at home with everyone back at work was extremely depressing. I spent the whole week doing absolutely nothing which gave me the biggest kick up the bum to get myself stuck into University life. I only had around 4/5 months left to enjoy myself and I would hate to leave my first year thinking I had not done enough.

…and that is what I did. I can honestly say I have found my place with every aspect of University life. My balance is right when it comes to the gym, socialising, Uni work and having a boyfriend. Last week I also got a job at a Thai restaurant at the top of town! The past 3 months have been the some of the best times of my life and I feel extremely blessed.

As you know I am studying Communications and Media, which this year is extremely English based rather that the actual production. Doing essays means us students are able to find out our grades less than a month after submitting it, which I love as even before the end of the year I know I am doing well. This Easter half term is about starting revision for my one exam and getting into my blogging. Now that everything at University is great and I have sorted my priorities out it is time for my blog to get up and running.

You will be seeing a lot more of me soon.

Halo Friday’s & early birthday lunch with dad

Friday 16th March

So to begin my birthday weekend, I thought it would be amazing to have a massive pre drinks and go to one of my favourite clubs in Bournemouth. On the 16th it was a DnB event which was even better. All the girls and boys in my seminar made the effort to come and say hello just because it was my birthday. I’ve never felt so amazing!

Saturday 17th March

On Saturday morning I drove home and met my dad for lunch because he was meant to be going back to Saudi early Sunday which was my actual birthday. Unfortunatly Dad was feeling really early and postponed his flight until the Tuesday, which for me is very fortunate. I spent a lot of the Saturday just chilling at home until I was going out with my close friends at home on the Saturday night.

Basically, on Saturday night I got so so drunk that when I left the club I was sliding on the ice everywhere, causing me to drop my phone, loose it for half an hour and it be run over by a car, hahahahhaha! (Actually it is not that funny I am very upset about it.) I am hoping today it will be fixed so I can share way my photographs with you all and make a birthday weekend video. Other than that, my weekend has been amazing. If it is not able to get fixe, I won’t have any photographs to share with you of my outfit or incredible friends, just awful ones of me that everyone posted on their snapchat stories haha.

How was your weekend?

2 days is not enough

For the first time in a long time, I spent the whole weekend at Uni. For some reason, by the time it gets to the weekends normally I am ready for my own bed because the weekends become very expensive here. I am a bit wet when it comes to being here all on my own, but I have had a crazy weekend.

Friday 9th March

On Friday I had a really important test for one of my modules and to celebrate how bad I think I did I went out with my girls for the night, to an event called Lollipop. I wore a Forever 21 dress which I bought in America two years ago. I haven’t worn it in a while so I though it was about time to get it back out again. Its a deep, forest green which is one of my all time favourite colours. I think it brings out my features and highlights my bright blonde hair. Green also brings out the colour pink so I could wear my Suede Pink Nike Air Force 1 that Solly bought me for Christmas. The dress is figure hugging, with a slightly flared bottom half which buttons up to my neck as if it is a shirt. I love to wear a black lace bralette underneath as it will slightly pop out and make the dress look slightly more fancy.

Saturday 10th March

On Saturday i ended up waking up extremely late/early afternoon, so I went straight over to my friends where we chilled and got excited about going to the Bournemouth O2 Academy to watch My Nu Lent, Hazard, Dj Zinc and a few more. It was a hilarious night. I ended up wearing one of my friends dresses which again, was from Forever 21. It was a fish net dress where I wore a white bralette underneath and a dark mini skirt. I have never wore something like this before so was nice to dress up in something different.

Sunday 11th March

On Sunday I grabbed a coffee with a couple of my friends and spent the rest of the evening chilling with the girls I am living with next year (- Katie.) We made some nachos and pizza before I went home and tried to get an early night!

Although I spent a lot of money, this weekend has made me realise how settled I am into University. You will never experience anything like it, so all you students, make the most of it!

My first semester at Bournemouth University!

My first semester at University has officially ended and I am driving back to Somerset today. It has been such a journey over the past 3 months and I don’t know what to think about it, how has the first semester already ended? Time has flown by. I remember my first day arriving at University. I was only with my mum and to be honest I wasn’t even nervous. Throughout the Summer I had been so busy to even think about stating University, until I actually arrived. It was Sunday 17th September, Mum and I unloaded all my stuff out of the car and I entered into my new home. As soon as I walked in the flat was a tip and that was when I realised that I had arrived a day late. I was so upset about it because I was thinking I am the odd one out, they all had a group chat before we started that I was not in, where they all bonded and I just felt so left out. I went into bathroom and just cried my eyes out. My first impressions of my flat mates were not the best, I was not similar to anybody and my first night out was horrific. We went to watch Lethal Bizzle and Cameo and I spent most of the night all on my own.

Something that I have learnt in my first semester a University is to not judge a book by its cover, the people I first met at University I am not even friends with now. But through the months I have bonded with some great people. On my first day at University I met this girl called Bethan and we spent the whole day together. When she went off to a different seminar group, I sat on the smoking area step, all on my own and rang my best friend Jess. She goes to Aberyswyth University and I just needed to speak to a friendly voice. I had never felt so lonely and on my own through the whole first week, but that was when I bonded with my flat mate Katie. You have probably seen her on my blog before but we are now the best of friends. I have made many course friends who I spend a lot of my time with and other girls from around Bournemouth.

University is a huge huge step up from College and I am very glad I have stuck it out. If I could do anything different, I would of spent a lot more time out mingling through freshers, because that is when everybody is out to make friends. The only problem I had was that at that point I did not have anybody that I really enjoyed the night out with. Everybody bigged up freshers as if it would be the best week/2 weeks of your life but it really is not. I have had so many amazing nights out afterwards because now I have so many people in my life that I love to spend time with.

I have never had this much freedom in my life and to be honest I didn’t know how to handle it. When I was at college I had a part time job which filled up a lot of my time, where as Uni I am only in 3 days a week, with not that much work. So on my days off I don’t know what to do with myself and unfortunately this has made me extremely lazy. I am finding it very hard to fill up my time, where as at home I am very motivated. A tip to give any Uni students is to not waste your time, if you don’t have any work to do or you are bored, go and socialise. Don’t spend lots of time on your own in your room, because to be honest you do go into a bit of a rut.

2 weeks a go, the girls and I found a house together! I am living with Katie (my flatmate), Maddi (I kind of knew Maddi from home due to mutual friends) and Ellie (Ellie is also from my area.) I am so excited for us all to move in together next year as we have become the best of friends. We have even decided to go on a girls holiday in the Summer! Although I have only lived in my accommodation for 3 months, living with people with such different personalities can be very draining. So moving in with girls I have so much in common with, will be amazing!

Coming to University has made me realise who is my real friends back at home. Because I have made so many girl friends at University it makes me see who has my back. I have definitely matured through University, although I do rely a lot on my parents, I can now look after myself and feel very secure. I believe this is probably the best place in my life I have ever been (apart from the amount of weight I have put on).

I have wanted to go to university ever since I was a little girl and it is the best decision I have made. Leaving my home town has made me realise the world is a bigger place and I am excited for life!