My first semester at Bournemouth University!

My first semester at University has officially ended and I am driving back to Somerset today. It has been such a journey over the past 3 months and I don’t know what to think about it, how has the first semester already ended? Time has flown by. I remember my first day arriving at University. I was only with my mum and to be honest I wasn’t even nervous. Throughout the Summer I had been so busy to even think about stating University, until I actually arrived. It was Sunday 17th September, Mum and I unloaded all my stuff out of the car and I entered into my new home. As soon as I walked in the flat was a tip and that was when I realised that I had arrived a day late. I was so upset about it because I was thinking I am the odd one out, they all had a group chat before we started that I was not in, where they all bonded and I just felt so left out. I went into bathroom and just cried my eyes out. My first impressions of my flat mates were not the best, I was not similar to anybody and my first night out was horrific. We went to watch Lethal Bizzle and Cameo and I spent most of the night all on my own.

Something that I have learnt in my first semester a University is to not judge a book by its cover, the people I first met at University I am not even friends with now. But through the months I have bonded with some great people. On my first day at University I met this girl called Bethan and we spent the whole day together. When she went off to a different seminar group, I sat on the smoking area step, all on my own and rang my best friend Jess. She goes to Aberyswyth University and I just needed to speak to a friendly voice. I had never felt so lonely and on my own through the whole first week, but that was when I bonded with my flat mate Katie. You have probably seen her on my blog before but we are now the best of friends. I have made many course friends who I spend a lot of my time with and other girls from around Bournemouth.

University is a huge huge step up from College and I am very glad I have stuck it out. If I could do anything different, I would of spent a lot more time out mingling through freshers, because that is when everybody is out to make friends. The only problem I had was that at that point I did not have anybody that I really enjoyed the night out with. Everybody bigged up freshers as if it would be the best week/2 weeks of your life but it really is not. I have had so many amazing nights out afterwards because now I have so many people in my life that I love to spend time with.

I have never had this much freedom in my life and to be honest I didn’t know how to handle it. When I was at college I had a part time job which filled up a lot of my time, where as Uni I am only in 3 days a week, with not that much work. So on my days off I don’t know what to do with myself and unfortunately this has made me extremely lazy. I am finding it very hard to fill up my time, where as at home I am very motivated. A tip to give any Uni students is to not waste your time, if you don’t have any work to do or you are bored, go and socialise. Don’t spend lots of time on your own in your room, because to be honest you do go into a bit of a rut.

2 weeks a go, the girls and I found a house together! I am living with Katie (my flatmate), Maddi (I kind of knew Maddi from home due to mutual friends) and Ellie (Ellie is also from my area.) I am so excited for us all to move in together next year as we have become the best of friends. We have even decided to go on a girls holiday in the Summer! Although I have only lived in my accommodation for 3 months, living with people with such different personalities can be very draining. So moving in with girls I have so much in common with, will be amazing!

Coming to University has made me realise who is my real friends back at home. Because I have made so many girl friends at University it makes me see who has my back. I have definitely matured through University, although I do rely a lot on my parents, I can now look after myself and feel very secure. I believe this is probably the best place in my life I have ever been (apart from the amount of weight I have put on).

I have wanted to go to university ever since I was a little girl and it is the best decision I have made. Leaving my home town has made me realise the world is a bigger place and I am excited for life!



The Coca – Cola truck came to Bournemouth on the 23rd – 24th September and even though it came through my home town I have never been to it before. There was always this massive hype about how cool it is so I thought I should check it out. We actually went on the 24th which was Black Friday. Katie and I decided to go into town so I could buy Sollys Christmas present (which unfortunately was not on sale) and on route we bumped into Ellie, who we are living with next year.

It was parked up in The Triangle which is right at the top of town and a huge trek up a hill. When we got there, we were offered a free can of coke by a group of boys and girls who travelled around with the bus. The organisation is such a sweet idea to spread Christmas joy and get people into the spirit. They play Christmas songs, spray fake snow and spread the joy.

“The holidays are coming”



A weekend away with my boyfriend

Although I spent a lot of last week at home, I thought it would be a good idea for Solly to come to Bournemouth and visit me for the weekend. He caught the train up Saturday morning and arrived at around 1:00PM. I picked him up from the train station which is just a 5 minute walk from my accommodation, then we came back and watched a film and had a bit of lunch.

At around 4:30PM we got the bus into town where we walked around the Christmas market, looked in a couple of shops and then stopped to have a drink. The next available slot to go ice skating wasn’t until around 8:00PM, so we had a long wait. Ice skating was so funny, the whole set up in Bournemouth gardens is so beautiful and festive. For dinner we got a TGI Fridays which neither of us have ever had before. I got a lush cheese burger with sweet potato fries, where as so got a steak and ribs. TGI Fridays is Sollys ideal restaurant.

Because we started drinking so early, we made an impulsive decision to go on a night out with my girl friends. But by the time it got down to actually going we were completely sober, yet we went to show our faces which I am glad we did. Sasas and Nicky Blackmarket were playing at The Old Firestation and we found 2 tickets for £5.

The next day we had a nice lye in and I cooked him up a big full English breakfast, before we went back down into the Christmas Markets for the afternoon. Sol then got the train home at 4:30PM and I won’t see him again until I am home for Christmas.

Family in Bournemouth | The Stable Restaurant 


On Tuesday evening, my mum and sister drove down to Bournemouth from home so Alice could join me on a night out at Toast Tuesdays. She arrived to my accommodation at around 6:30, I gathered all my Uni girls together for pre drinks and we had the best night!


The next day mum picked us up from my accommodation and we went for lunch at The Stables Restaurant. They sell dishes such as thin pizzas, pies, wraps and big salads. All 3 of us got the pizzas and they were lush. I love thin pizzas because they don’t fill you up to much, so it meant were able to do a bit of shopping before I went back to my halls. Luckily I have found a lot of my Christmas presents which I am going to shop for on Black Friday.

I really love it when any of my friends and family  come to visit me, although I am home a lot it is still so nice to take them around Bournemouth. It is definitely somewhere I can see myself living in the future, or even a big city.


After a lush week at home I am back to University. Spending the week at home means that I have completely got my life together again after becoming extremely lazy and unmotivated. I caught up with any work, went to the gym everyday and saw all my close friends. Although I was not as busy as I normally am at home, it was lovely just keeping myself to myself.

Spending time alone is extremely important. Being alone gives your brain a chance to reboot and rewind. Your brain constantly being on will never give it a chance to rest so being alone with no distractions gives you a chance to clear your mind of any distractions and then you are able to focus more clearly. Being alone will also increase your productivity, as I have found through this week.

In the long term it will also help with the quality of your relationships with others. By spending time with yourself and gaining a better understanding of who you are and what you want in life.

  • Try and get up early – This week I have been awake no later than 9AM (apart from the weekend) as I have been to 1 or 2 early gym classes a day. It was the best feeling knowing that I had the whole rest of the day to get stuff done, whether it was seeing friends, family or catching up on work.
  • Disconnect yourself – I can’t personally say that I am the best at this as I am addicted to social media, but set aside some time each day to unplug from others. Whether it is when you are having lunch, working or any other time. You do not need to be talking to your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend every second of the day.
  • Schedule alone time – What I found so nice about being at home was the fact that I could just sit in my room, watching TV and doing whatever I wanted to do. The thing I have found about Uni is that it is extremely hard to spend time alone as you don’t want to miss out. I have come to realise that it is OK to spend time alone. I have come to love it. Sitting in my room blogging, catching up on TV or even just chilling in my bed is how I relax my brain.


I hope that all students had a relaxing reading week.


This years bonfire night was one of my most exciting. I spent it with all my Bournemouth girls in Poole. Unfortunately this year they stopped doing a fire work display on Bournemouth pier, so we had to travel all the way too Poole. It was very long, but was lovely to watch a good firework display with everyone. Afterwards, we were going to go on a night out, but instead decided to go for some cheesy chips, a hot chocolates and girly chatter at our closest Weatherspoons.

I have had a very busy weekend. I travelled home from Bournemouth on Friday night as on Saturday I had to attend a speed awareness course as I got caught speeding a couple months ago (I am not proud at all of it.) On Saturday night I went out with my best friend and her boyfriend before travelling back to Bournemouth for Sunday night for bonfire night and my flat mates 19th birthday. I am now back home again for reading week, which is technically my half term! I have 3 books that I want/need to read this week plus other online articles. I am studying Communications and Media so it involves a lot of English.

On Monday night my friend bought £150 worth of fireworks and invited all of our friends to the park where he set them alight. I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed them way more than the fireworks in Poole.


As you saw in my last post, the girls and I dressed up as Cheerleaders for Halloween. It ended up being the best idea, we all went as a group and as you can see from the photos we had the best time. A big group of us spent Halloween at the O2 Arena in Christchurch, where it was an event called ‘Fuck me, its Halloween.’ It was a very good night as all of us have not been out together for a really long time. When I first started University I thought that I would be going out 5 times a week but in reality I can’t afford it, so nights like these are very special. You come to realise that you can have a good time just being with your close friends!